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The University of Baltimore embraces the following cultural diversity principles:
  1. A shared and inclusive understanding of cultural diversity
  2. A campus climate that welcomes, supports, and celebrates diversity
  3. Recruitment and retention of a diverse student body
  4. Academic and co-curricular infusion of cultural diversity
  5. Recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce

The University is committed to the principles of cultural diversity, and acts on this commitment in the following ways:

  • Making excellence accessible to traditional and nontraditional students motivated by professional advancement and civic awareness;
  • Establishing a foundation for lifelong learning, personal development and social responsibility;
  • Combining theory and practice to create meaningful, real-world solutions to 21 st-century urban challenges; and
  • Serving as an integral partner in the culture, commerce and future of Baltimore and the region.

The core values of the institution – access, commitment, quality, understanding, innovation, respectful relationships and ethics reflect the University’s long standing history of supporting diversity though access to higher education, personal attention to students, high quality, and innovative educational opportunities.

The University of Baltimore is committed to fostering a welcoming, inclusive environment where all members respect each other as valued contributors to the enterprise. The strategic value of diversity in the workplace, among the students, faculty, and in the Baltimore community is recognized.

Creating a culture that is free from discrimination, appreciative of new ideas and capabilities, and is attentive to the need to deliver innovative, flexible approaches to learning, teaching, and support services is central to the University’s mission. The University seeks to eliminate barriers to the success of all students and to create new ways to diversify the employee talent pool.

All offices are expected to work together to create a positive climate for diversity. The lead offices in these activities are the Office of the Provost and the Office of Diversity Education and Programs (Diversity Office). Appendix I outlines some of the current programs and services that support or enhance diversity at the university. They are organized by the principles above.

UB Diversity Plan for 2009-2014

Last Published 10/2/15