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The Program Review is an opportunity for faculty members to document their work relating to teaching, student learning, curricular developments, intersection with co-curricular UB partners, and overall program growth. In essence, the program review is a record of the state of your program. The program review is also an important planning tool. Within your program, you can use the information collected to create and develop action plans, spark conversations about directions for your programs, and capture your strengths and areas for growth.


  • Program reviews are required every seven (7) years but cycles may be adjusted from to accommodate program accreditation self-study schedules or other institutional pressures. Schedules for reviews and any adjustments requested must be approved by USM.
  • The  UB Format for Reviews of Existing Academic Programs  was approved for USM reporting and provides information in a consistent format across the University.
  • Questions or timing issues that come up during the self-study process should be directed to the Associate Dean, who will resolve issues through the Dean and the Assistant Provost for Policies, Programs & Institutional Effectiveness as necessary.
  • Hard copies of the School/College reports shall be transmitted by the dean’s office with his/her comments and approval of the report to the Assistant Provost for Policies, Programs & Institutional Effectiveness no later than September 1. This will allow time for any rewrites that may be necessary prior to the USM October 1 submission deadline.
  • Electronic copies of the final reports (Word or pdf format) shall also be forwarded to the Office of the Provost along with the hard copies.
  • The Office of the Provost submits the program review reports to the University System of Maryland for consideration by the Board of Regents.
  • The Provost will present and defend the program review reports before the Board of Regents Education Policy Committee. Program Directors or others may be invited to attend the BOR meeting along with the Provost to respond to any questions the Regents may have.

Guidelines for External Reviews of Existing Academic Programs

Annual Schedule for Submission of Reviews of Existing Academic Programs

Cycle for USM Program Reviews

Last Published 7/25/17