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The latest trends in education and the most recent good work being done at the University of Baltimore meet in the Office of Academic Innovation blog.

In addition to publishing regular contributions from our team, we welcome and encourage submissions from UB faculty, staff, and students as well as from others interested in issues related to higher education.

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The Office of Academic Innovation supports, coordinates and cultivates creative and innovative approaches to teaching, learning and curriculum and program development.

Faculty Resources

If you're a faculty member, this is your resource for professional development across the teaching-learning-scholarship spectrum. We:

  • encourage you in your use of creative strategies to promote learning through evidence-based practice
  • examine local, state and national trends in teaching and learning
  • consult with you and your instructional support staff about aspects of teaching, curriculum development and emerging technologies.

The Bank of America Center for Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Technology provides guidance, suggestions and best practices for teaching strategies and for learning new ideas and technologies to enhance your teaching.

Instructional Technologies

Linked to UB's e-Learning Center and instructional technologies in the Office of Technology Services, we encourage and engage in policy developing and critical thought on e-learning in its many forms, including:

  • online education
  • mobile learning
  • multimedia education.

Student Success

Interested in data about student learning gathered from Sakai, PeopleSoft and other sources? We're your go-to source. We:

  • identify, collect and organize data
  • collaborate with people with diverse skill sets
  • determine next steps to use the collected data.

The Helen P. Denit Honors Program and UB's experiential learning initiative focus on helping students enhance their academic experiences with leadership, community engagement, professional development and out-of-the-classroom, hands-on experiences.

Last Published 11/18/15