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CELTT staff are available to consult with individual faculty on a range of topics, including:

  • Course planning and design
  • Instructional strategies
  • Development of learning goals
  • Syllabus construction
  • Classroom management and facilitation
  • Teaching with technology
  • Preparation of teaching philosophy statements
  • Feedback on teaching, including guided self-reflection and teaching observation

Upon request, CELTT staff will offer feedback on a faculty member’s teaching through a classroom visit or review of a classroom recording. Feedback sessions are formative and done solely for the faculty member’s own benefit. Results will not be shared with the faculty member’s department or program.


Interested in data about student learning gathered from Sakai, PeopleSoft and other sources? We're your go-to source. We: 

  • identify, collect and organize data
  • collaborate with people with diverse skill sets
  • determine next steps to use the collected data


CELTT works closely with the Office of Technology Services engaging in policy, sharing best practices, and developing critical thought on instructional technologies and e-learning in its many forms, including:

  • online education
  • mobile learning
  • multimedia education


Last Published 10/17/16