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 Fall 2010


William Hawk

Moral Skepticism, Religious Fanaticism, and Just War
William Hawk, Ph.D.,
Professor of Philosophy, James Madison University

Dr. Hawk will talk about the implicit and explicit denial of objective moral standards.  He will define the beliefs, explore their popularity, suggest who benefits from them, draw attention to what mystifies them, and draw out implications for practical ethics

Tuesday, September 14,
5th Floor Student Center Bogomolny Room

Susan Dwyer

Moral Psychology: Everything Old is New Again
Susan Dwyer, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Maryland College Park

The antiquated debate between "rationalists" and "sentimentalists" has been revived with the recent experimental results falling in favor of the "sentimentalists". Is morality more like math or more like beauty? Do we place morality and ethics in the realm of logical progression or more in the realm of emotional response?  Dr. Dwyer will present a brief summary of the debate and argue for a difficult account of moral judgement known as "linguistic analogy"

Tuesday, October 12
5th Floor Student Center Bogomolny Room
12:30pm - 2:00pm

Nancy Sherman

The Untold War: The Guilt They Carry
Nancy Sherman, Ph.D.,
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Georgetown University

How do you deal with knowing that you have killed?  "I was just doing my job, protecting freedom and liberty, but that doesn't erase the fact that I took a life."  Dr. Sherman's study and work identified the deep and unspoken moral weight of war and the moral burdens on the battlefield.  understanding the complexity of battlefield guilt is critical not just for soldiers but for the public that sends its soldiers to war.

Thursday, November 4
Business Center Auditorium
5:30pm - 7:00pm

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