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Community College Ethics Bowl

Each year, the Hoffberger Center invites area Community Colleges for a day of fun, food, and competetion in our Ethics Bowl. The students must work together in their teams to identify the ethical issue, disregard irrelevant issues, choose a position, and defend that position. Each team spends hours in preparation and practice leading up to the competition. In our last Ethics Bowl, the students examined issues related to "sexting" (picture messages), facebook invasion of privacy, and using enhancement drugs. The students did well in parching out the issues and developing ethical standards in these cases.

This Ethics Bowl serves several purposes. First, It helps the students identify and discuss Ethics and Ethical Dilemas in an open setting. Second, the students must use and develop Critical Thinking and Logical Analysis. Third, the team atmosphere and comaraderie invites each student's participation. The Community College Ethics Bowl fulfills the purpose and mission of the Hoffberger Center in these ways.

2009 Champions

2010 Champions