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Hoffberger Center for Professional Ethics 


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Ethics Essay Contest – Spring 2012  

$300 Cash Award – First Place

$200 Cash Award – Second Place

$100 Cash Award – Third Place

$50 Cash Award – (2) Honorable Mentions


Eligibility : Anyone enrolled in a program of study at the University of Baltimore during fall 2011 Semester (includes all undergraduate, graduate and law students)


Suggested Essay Topics :

  • Articulate with clarity an ethical issue that you have encountered and explain what it has taught you about ethics and yourself.
  • Please Note: This topic is only a suggestion. Students may write about any topic they wish, as long as it explores the theme of ethics with critical thinking and imagination. ( Student papers from classes are eligible if they meet these criteria .)


What the Readers Look For :

  • Clear articulation and analysis of the nature of an ethical issue and/or moral dilemma (I.e., why is this an ethical issue and what does it mean to the writer?)
  • Adherence to guidelines and carefully proofread essays
  • Demonstration of in-depth wrestling with the ethical issue/moral dilemma
  • Observation of rules for Standard English usage (grammar, punctuation, mechanics) in writing
  • Thoroughly thought-out, tightly focused essay.
  • Originality and imagination


Essay Format :

  • In five to seven (5-7) pages you are encouraged to raise questions, single out issues, identify dilemmas and offer your own moral opinion on the topic.
  • Essays may be written in the formal or informal voice, but most importantly , an individual voice should be evident.
  • The essay should be developed from your point of view and may take the form of an analysis that is biographical, historical, literary, philosophical, psychological, sociological or theological.
  • An essay must be original work of one student.
  • Essays should be titled, written in English, and typed in 12-font easily readable font (such as Times New Roman), double-spaced with 1” margins and numbered pages.


DEADLINE: December 9, 2011

For more details, e-mail, call, or stop by the Hoffberger Center for Professional Ethics Room 204AC; 410-837-5379;

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