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This year, the Hoffberger Center repeated its goal of finding key speakers from diverse backgrounds. Jeff Singer, President and CEO of Health Care for the Homeless, gave a most interesting presentation concerning the problems and challenges that arise in bringing health care for the homeless. His experience enlightened the audience to issues that few realize or recognize as important to this work. Alec Walen, Ph.D. Research Scholar at the University and Maryland and former University of Baltimore of professor, spoke about the ethical issues concerning Guantanamo Bay and Preventive Detainment in general. Speaking on a subject that has received much publicity, Dr. Walen provided very real observations and insight into this controversial issue. William H. Brill, Ph.D. and President of William Brill Associates, was another key speaker who intrigued the audience with his speech on the ethics of Violence. Pulling from personal experience, he provided insight into the minds of some of the most violent offenders in history and their outlook on these heinous crimes. Finishing out the week, Anita Tarzian, R.N. and Ph.D. at the University of Maryland Law School, gave an extremely personal speech concerning the recent passing of her mother and the care that was provided. The audience sat in complete silence as they absorbed the ethical implications involved in the treatment of individuals in Hospice Care.

Ethics Week 2009 Photos


Dr. Brill answers a student's question

Last Published 11/18/15