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Two-Year College National Ethics Bowl

Fees and Registration

Beginning in the 2016-17 Regional (including Two Year) and National IEB Competition Season:

Note:  All teams competing in the APPE Regional or National Ethics Bowl must have a current APPE Individual or Institutional Membership.  (Student Memberships do not meet this qualification.) For more clarification, please contact the APPE office at: or 812-855-6450.

In order to streamline the registration process for the Regional Ethics Bowl Competitions, the following changes are in effect for the 2016 Regional Competitions:

  • Each team will pay one payment for their Regional competition to APPE to cover the specific regions costs and the APPE regional payment. PLEASE NOTE: The amount listed for your region includes the APPE portion, so only one payment is needed. As always, this fee covers up to 2 teams. 
  • Each team will provide to APPE at the time of payment a Regional Individual Team Form.
  • A team will not be considered registered for their competition until both items are received.

The registration fees for participation in the Regional Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl are, as follows:

  1.  APPE Ethics Bowl Regional fee for all Teams $100
  2. Regional Host Registration Fee $0
  3.  All Ethics Bowl Teams must have at least one APPE Individual Member or one Institutional Member (student memberships with APPE do not meet this qualification.)

To pay for your teams Regional Fees, please click on the following link: Regional Team Payment

To renew your Membership with APPE or become a member of APPE, please click on the following link: APPE Membership

Note: Though the general IEB policy has been that schools may send up to two teams to the regional competitions, we ask that you contact us first to make sure we are equipped to handle the additional number of schools.

Any team qualifying for the APPE Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Nationals will have a competition fee of $100 to be paid to APPE at the time of qualification.  You cannot register for Nationals before receiving your qualifying bid at your Regional Competition.  That payment will be paid through the following payment site: Ethics Bowl Nationals Payment

Please, contact the APPE office for additional information or clarification at: or 812-855-6450.


Last Published 9/22/16