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  • Moral Dimensions of Mozart's Don Giovanni

    Andrew Balio and Marcus Stenz discuss the moral dimensions of Mozart's Giovanni.

    Andrew Balio and Marcus Stenz discuss the ethical issues in Don Giovanni, a two-act opera about the licentious nobleman Don Giovanni. He abuses, manipulates, and outrages everyone with whom he crosses path. He meets with his demise when he encounters something that he cannot kill or outwit. 

  • Ethics and Politics

    José Florencio Fernández Santillán discusses ethics and politics.

    Nationally recognized political science professor, José Florencio Fernández Santillán, joins the College of Public Affairs as a Fullbright Scholar. José is a political science professor and researcher at Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Mexico City and Harvard University.

    "The relationship between Ethics and Politics dows not have one definition and solution. Based on the ideas of Professor Norberto Bobbio (1909-2002) from the University of Turin, where I studied, I will expose the way in which some classical authors interpreted this relationship between Ethics and Politics, among them, Thomas Hobbes, Jean Bodin, Benedetto Croce, Hegel, Machiavelli, and Max Weber. What characteristic of the so-called "School of Turin" in Political Thought and Ethics is order when its members like Norberto, Bobbio, Alessandro Passerin D'Entréves, Renato Treves, and theri Professor Giole Solari, studied, wrote, and exposed their ideas. I wil try to honor their legacy in my presentation."

  • Violence Against Women: Is It a Man's Issue?

    Panel discussion of Violence Against Women: Is It a Man's Issue? Ron Williams Ron Kipling Williams is a poet and solo performance artist who also teaches writing composition at University of Baltimore. He has been published in the Welter magazine, and he facilitated this panel discussion.

  • The Ethics of American Diplomacy

    Josh Kassner, Davild Milne, and Steve Scalet discuss the ethics of American diplomacyJosh Kassner and Steve Scalet led a conversation and debate with David Milne on the Ethical Challenges for America's Foreign Policies. David Milne is a senior lecturer in modern history at the University of East Anglia. He is the author of America's Rasputin: Walt Rostow and the Vietnam War and senior editor of the two-volume Oxford Encyclopedia of American Military and Diplomatic History. Josh Kassner and Steve Scalet are both professors in the Division of Legal, Ethical, and Historical Studies at the University of Baltimore.

  • The Private Benefit of Public Art

    Scott Burkholder discusses the private benefit of public art.

    Scott Burkholder engages in conversation with students about public art The Baltimore Love Project expresses love by connecting people and communities across Baltimore City through love themed murals.

    "The first time I shared the Baltimore Love Project with a well-known journalist, their response was, 'Who gives a #$%?' The question is appropriate with the unimaginable injustice that is happening in the world. Art will not give us universal education opportunities, stop police brutality, or undo centuries of racism. I believe it can do so much more! With a tour of public art from around the world, and your own UB neighborhood, I will share how beauty will save the world."

    He engaged in discussion regarding what art is and what value it holds.

Last Published 11/18/15