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FY 2017 Competitive Subaward Solicitation Combating Opioid Overdose through Community-level Intervention

The University of Baltimore’s Center for Drug Policy and Enforcement will manage a $2 million grant from the Office of National Drug Control Policy for the federal program known as Combating Opioid Overdose through Community-level Intervention Initiative (COOCLI). With this grant, the center will fund and study innovative local policy initiatives that provide multi-organizational rapid responses to spikes in overdoses.

The grant will help identify innovative solutions that move beyond traditional health and law enforcement policies. UB’s center, housed in the College of Public Affairs, will act as the authority for all administrative and financial aspects of the grant. It is expected that local government agencies, public and private universities, advocacy organizations and nonprofits will apply to receive funding from the grant.

CDPE and UB officials will begin accepting applications for subawards from the grant on or about October 1, 2017. Applications are due to UB no later than October 31, 2017. Organizations that wish to apply for funding for their opioid intervention plan may do so by following the instruction provided in the application guidelines found below.

Last Published 11/14/17