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Software/Hardware Service Policy
E-Mail Accounts Backup Policy
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General Policies and Procedures for Software/Hardware Services

1. Office of Technology Services (OTS) staff supports and services only those computers and peripherals that are clearly defined as University of Baltimore property. Hardware must properly display a "Property of State of Maryland" tag in order for any services to be performed upon it.

2. Departments that are supported by "grants" will be charged for all replacement parts in microcomputer systems and peripherals. An inter-departmental billing form must be completed prior to the conclusion of the repair services. A hardware technician will provide a cost estimate to the department upon request.

3. All requests for hardware and software support must be logged in through the OTS Call Center.

4. The primary function of the OTS Hardware Technical staff is to "repair" computer property currently owned by the University of Baltimore. The cost for hardware services and repairs are provided by OTS (such as refurbishing parts, batteries, bulbs, etc.) at the maximum cost of $100.00. The user will be required to pay for any amount exceeding this limit. In addition, OTS can only provide the financial end of this policy as long as funds are available.

5. OTS does not cover the cost or replacement items such as new monitors, laser printer maintenance kits, toner, cables, paper, diskettes or any other similar items.

6. OTS does not cover the cost of any upgrades. The cost is the responsibility of the requesting department.

7. OTS will not pay for any outside services contracted by departments.

8. The relocation of any inventory items such as microcomputer systems, scanners, and printers should be reported to the Call Center immediately. The necessary information can be transmitted by e-mail to (dwells). The information should include: Property Control Number, Description of Item, Previous Location & Owner and New Location & Owner.

9. Microcomputers that are relocated must be reported to the OTS Call Center. Provide the microcomputer Property control number, the previous and the new location that the system will be stationed.

10. OTS Technical support staff are not responsible for backing up user's hard drives. Users should routinely back up their systems. Backups should be performed by users prior to submitting work request to the OTS Call Center for hardware repairs. OTS is not responsible for data lost when work is performed on a microcomputer.

11. OTS will support only standardized networked microcomputer software, which is purchased and installed by OTS on the University Network.

12. As a courtesy to users and departments, OTS on occasion will install non-standard software on the network. Those requesting this service must get approval from the Network Manager prior to purchasing the software.

13. OTS is not responsible for any software independently installed on a user's system or for any software installed as a courtesy on the university network. Individual users and departments must supply their own support.

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E-Mail Accounts Backup Policy

The email servers are backed up completely everyday. These backups enable us to recover from a disaster that crashes our system. The backups do not allow for restoring individual mailboxes so be careful to delete only what you are certain you don't need. Remember, once you delete an item it is stored in your deleted items folder and you can restore it from there.

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Last Published 7/13/16