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Yes, you may select an Apple computer. Yes, they are sleek and fashionable, but is an Apple computer a good fit for you? We are not restricting who can request an Apple, but we appreciate some may want to select an Apple merely because of the appeal of it.

If your current UB computer is a Windows computer, take these points into consideration before selecting an Apple:

  • Software Use 

    All the software you use or intend to use must be available for the Apple operating system. We do not setup or support Virtual Windows.

    If you plan on switching to Apple but have licensed software on your Windows computer, you will need to determine if that license covers re-installation on an Apple. If it does not, either you or your department would need to purchase an appropriate license. 

  • Your Apple Experience 

    You should have experience and be very comfortable using Apple computers. Using an Apple computer for work is a different experience than using iPads or iPhones. 

    If you've been a Windows users, switching to Apple will require you to learn a new operating system. It requires time, patience, and training. Consider whether this is an advantageous time and environment for you to make that shift.

  • Intensity of Computer Use

    All the computers we are providing, Apple and Windows, are new, well-equipped machines. We offer a variety of specifications to support a diversity of needs. Still, some faculty may require additional upgrades because of the software and hardware they use. Those needs can be best met within the limitations of this project more readily by choosing a Windows computer.

Remember, this will serve as your primary UB computer for 4 years. Select one which will be the best fit for you and your needs.

Last Published 4/2/16