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The Office of Technology Services provides high-quality voice and data through phone services designed for the UB campus. This page provides information about phone costs, changing features, and using the phone and voice mail. If you need assistance, please contact the OTS Call Center.


Phone Models

IP phones are the standard office phone at UB. Their connection goes through the Internet, using a UB network jack. It can share the jack used for your computer's network connection.

There are two models available: 

  • Nortel IP Phone 1120E: standard model
  • Nortel IP Phone 1140E: provides more features and lines than 1120E

Click here for a comparison of the two models.

Analog phones are allowed only in special circumstances. Analog lines are used only for fax machines, older Polycom conference phone models, internal-only lines and emergency phones.

Polycom Speakerphones are used for conference calls. IP Polycom sets are the standard conference phone on campus, providing better voice clarity than analog. You can purchase an IP Polycom or reserve one for a single-use through the OTS Call Center. If necessary, you can use a Nortel 1100 series as a conference speakerphone for up to 3 participants.

Speech-Dial Service

Dial x5900 from an on-campus phone (or 410.837.5900 from off-campus) and say the first and last name of the person you’d like to call. If you don’t know the person’s name, you can say the department name, such as “Human Resources.”

Please note that some office names might not be easily recognizable at first. Contact the OTS Call Center (410.837.6262 or to report any discrepancies within the new system.

The system will attempt to confirm the name of the intended party by repeating the name.

  • If the name is correct, say “Connect” or wait to be connected.
  • If the name is incorrect, say “Go Back,” and the system will attempt to identify the name again.
  • If you would like to hear the number without being connected immediately afterward, say “Number.”
  • If you would like to hear the number and then be connected, say “Both.”

If the system is having trouble recognizing the name, you will be transferred to an operator.

Speech-Dial Shortcuts

  • Connect: Connect to your party
  • Go Back: Return to system/try again
  • Number: Hear the number without connecting
  • Both: Hear the number first and then connect to party

Phone & Line Installations

The installation of a new phone may require a new cable, jack, license, and equipment, depending on what was previously installed. Click here if you need information about moving a phone to a location with an existing connection, as in the case of swapping an office.

You are encouraged to contact OTS well in advance of any office moves or construction to ensure your phones and computers will be online as soon as possible after your move.

The price chart below provides the itemized list of charges for activation, cabling, and phone sets. The final cost of a new installation will depend on the location and type of activation. You can request an estimate before ordering the work. Before you make the call or send an e-mail request, you’ll want think about these questions:

  • Do you need a phone or do you already have a phone available for that location?
  • Will the new phone be analog or an IP phone?
  • Is there an available jack in that area?
  • Is there a jack located close to where the phone will be or will you need a longer cable or a new jack?
  • Is the line active?




Service Activation


IP Phone License


IP Phone: Line & Network Jack Activation


Analog Line Activation for Faxing


Analog Line Activation (non-fax)


Network Jack Activation




Cable installation (Duplex Wire Pull)


Cable installation (Quad Wire Pull)


Phone Sets

Nortel IP phone 1120E*


Nortel IP Phone 1140E*


Nortel IP Expansion Module for IP phone*


IP Polycom


Analog wall phone


*Nortel IP Phones come with a one year warranty.

** Help Desk IP phones require a separate purchase of headphones. Headphones can be purchased directly from a certified vendor, such as Plantronics.

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Moving a Phone

Moving a phone from one office or building into another with an active jack is generally straightforward. If the jack in your new location has been activated for a phone line, that jack will be available for your use without additional fees. Costs may be encumbered under the following situations:

  • The new office is not set up with the proper cabling. Network jack installations are outsourced to a contracted vendor. Your organization is responsible for this fee.
  • Though OTS recommends taking your phone with you when moving, a replacement charge may be imposed by the organization that originally owned the phone and license in the event that you're moving to a new department.

OTS can help you determine what you'll need for the move. Contact the OTS Call Center at least seven days before your move to update your location.

Replacing a Phone

  • A defective telephone set can be replaced with a refurbished one at no additional cost to the user under the new telephone system contract (damage to phones due to accidents is not covered).
  • Charges to apply for the purchase of new telephone sets. Costs for the sets can vary by model. Please contact OTS for details.

Monthly Phone Bills & Charges

Organizations are billed for outbound calls at the rates listed below. Verizon bills the University monthly. The Verizon bills are processed by OTS, who determines which charges each department has incurred. Those parsed bills are then distributed to the organizations.

  • Billing cycles run from the first of the month to the last of the month.
  • Departments are sent their bill quarterly.
  • A monthly phone bill will not include charges for service and line activations. Those charges are handled with a separate interdepartmental billing form.

Calls made to

Call Rate

Local Calls (Baltimore & Vicinity)

$0.1065 per call

All other calls within Maryland

$0.0688 per min

Long distance calls within the U.S.

$0.0760 per min

International Calls

Varies by country

411 calls

$2.49 per call

Rates are subject to change based on vendor contract.

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 Mobile Devices

Mobile devices and phones can be configured to connect to UB e-mail. Click here for details.
Note: Blackberry Enterprise Service (BES) is no longer available.

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Optional equipment such as headphones or longer cords for the handset can be purchased directly from vendors. Plantronics provides a variety of phone accessories.

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Last Published 4/13/17