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Access Applications Using Citrix

Citrix allows users to access programs and files remotely from a computer, iPad, or iPhone. It can provide you to access your campus drives (your M drive and/or H drive etc.) as well as remote printers and cloud storage. NOTE: Files and remote printing/storage are only accessible through applications opened in Citrix.


For instructions on accessing Citrix applications, click here.

For instructions on working within Citrix, click here.


Installation Instructions-- Windows OS

  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to: . Once the page loads, you will be prompted to install the Citrix software.
    **Note: If you previously used Citrix at UB or elsewhere, you may have another version of the software installed. In that case, you will see the logon screen instead of the install screen. OTS advises you to uninstall the previous version via Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > "Citrix [version] client."
  2. Click the box to agree to the licensing terms and then then click INSTALL.
  3. You will be prompted to run or save the CitrixReceiver.exe file. Choose Run.
  4. If prompted with a "User Access Control Dialogue" asking you to trust the application, choose Allow.
  5. Once the Citrix Receiver application finishes installing, click OK
  6. If prompted to install the add-on, click Allow.
  7. After programs and add-ons are installed, you will be redirected to the main login page. Login using your UB netID and password.
  8. You may be prompted with another dialogue box regarding web content. Click the checkbox "Do not show…again" and click Allow.
    windows dialogue

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Installation Instructions-- Mac OS X

  1. Open Safari and go to: . Once the page loads, you will be prompted to install the Citrix software.
  2. Click the green Install button. The software will begin to download, and will save as Citrix_Online_Plug_In.dmg in your typical download folder. Once the download completes, the Citrix_Online_Plug_In App should automatically mount and open.
  3. A screen with install or uninstall options for the Citrix App will appear. Click on Install.
  4. Walk through the questions at each step of the install process, choosing Continue.
  5. Agree to the licensing terms.
  6. Select the location to install to; click Continue and then Install.
  7. Once the installation completes, close the installation window and return to your Safari session at  to log in using your UB netID and password.

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Installation Instructions- iPad, iPhone (iOS 4.x)

1. Visit the App Store and search for "Citrix Receiver." Download the app to your iOS device.

**This is a free app, and has been tested on the UB environment with iOS 4.x. It has not yet been fully tested with 3GS phones or the Android OS.

2. Once installed, you will see a screen like the first snapshot below (iPad) or the second shot below (iPhone) For the iPad version, select the Get Started link under "Set up my enterprise."

I-Pad install

I-Phone install
For the iPhone version, select Set Up My Existing Account.

3.Enter the information as seen below, using your own NetID for the username. You will be prompted to enter your password the first time you connect.

Citrix info

Description: UB Citrix


Username: [ your NetID/portal username ]

Domain: CIS 






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Accessing Citrix Applications

1. Log in using your UB NetID and password (same as Portal login). You will be taken to the application view page.

2. Click on the application you wish to use. It will begin to load.

application selection

3. In the Windows version, you may be prompted to open a "launch.ica" file. Click Open.

4. For Windows users, you may be prompted to permit access to Citrix. Click the checkbox "Do not ask me again…" and click Permit All Access. Your application will now open.

5.Click OK to close any UB Bulletin or "Unauthorized Use Policy" windows that appear.

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Working Within Citrix

Accessing/Saving Files
1. Log in to Citrix and choose the application you wish to work in.

2. Click Open inside of the application. 

3. Click on Computer in the left navigation bar to bring up file storage locations. The following options will appear:

C$ C drive on the computer you are working from.
D$ D drive of the computer you are working from, using a CD/DVD drive.
E$, F$ These may be external hard drives or USB flash drives. Citrix can utilze these types of drives.
ending in (M:) Your campus M drive.
ending in (R:) Campus department drives, usually reserved for faculty/staff and some student project work
ending in (H:) Your personal web space, if you have provisioned it
ending in (S:) Campus labshare drive, usually reserved for faculty coursework

Once you select a location, you may see a screen requesting permission to share files with the Citrix session. Choose Read & Write if you wish to save to your local computer.

Printing in Citrix
Citrix allows printing to locally installed or mapped printers in your home/work environment. When you choose to print a file, you will see the printer dialogue box with a drop-down menu of locally installed printers. Select the printer you wish to use and click OK.

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Last Published 12/18/15