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On a regular basis, computers need software updates. UB computers are automatically updated while you are logged off the computer. To make sure your UB computer receives the updates, please follow these 3 easy steps at the end of every work day:

  1. Log off your account. (Click the Start button, select "Log Off", and click Log Off to confirm.)
  2. Leave the computer power on. 
  3. Walk away.

     Be sure to leave your computer powered on. 

In addition to software updates, virus scans are scheduled to run while you are logged off. If you always turn off your computer or lock your computer at the end of the day, your computer will not receive this necessary maintenance. Without this maintenance, your computer may experience unnecessary problems. We also recommend that you restart your computer at least once each week.

Note: The automatic updates pertain only to OTS-maintained Windows-based computers.

If you have any questions about this message please contact the OTS Call Center.

Last Published 12/18/15