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Etiquette for Mailing Lists

The University of Baltimore requires that the following rules of etiquette be followed when using mailing lists:

For list members

  • Keep posts pertinent to the topic of the list
  • Try to post messages containing weblinks instead of attachments where possible. University of Baltimore faculty, staff and students are encouraged to use their organizational web pages for posting information where applicable, or their personal web pages on the site (H:\ drive).
  • Be careful to reply only to the audience you intended: the sender of the message, the entire list, or both

Please visit the University of Baltimore's general netiquette page for additional guidelines.

For list owners

  • When performing subscriptions on behalf of potential list members, and unless given permission otherwise, invite users rather than subscribe users (See invite vs. subscribe in the list owners FAQ for more information)
  • Should a list member wish to be removed from your list, grant the request promptly

Last Published 12/18/15