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Below are some common issues encountered in MyUB Portal, My Student Center, and My Faculty Center.

    • When I try to log in to MyUB, I get a 404 "not found" error.

      If you're using a bookmark to access MyUB, it may be out of date. Try accessing MyUB directly from and replace old bookmarks/shortcuts with this address.

    • The MyUB login page says it is "temporarily unavailable" due to maintenance or a technical issue.

      OTS performs routine network maintenance on the UB Portal between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Friday evenings, and MyUB will be unavailable intermittently during this time frame. If you receive the error message outside of this time frame, you may need to clear your Cookies and browser cache.

    • When trying to log into the Portal, I get an error message with a reference number. (E.g. "Your session could not be established" Ref number: 2c4e7ea...)

      Your password may have expired. Reset it at

      Note: if the message says "Your session could not be established" but does not provide a reference code, refresh the page or click the "Login to the MyUB Portal" link on the page to log in again.

    • I clicked on a link in the Portal but it took me back to the MyUB login page. Why?

      You may have left your Portal session inactive for too long. The MyUB Portal will automatically log you out after 90 minutes of inactivity. Log in again to access the Portal.

    • I'm trying to view My Student Center or My Faculty Center, but after clicking the page link, the timer appears but the page does not load.

      In Internet Explorer, click the Compatibility Mode icon on the URL bar (the icon to the left of the "Refresh" button). This issue mainly affects IE10 users. If you're using a browser such as Chrome or Safari, try accessing My Faculty Center from a different browser (Firefox or IE).

      Note: you may encounter a similar issue when trying to click "Register for Classes" in My Student Center or the Roster or Grades in My Faculty Center; the above solution should remedy the problem.




Last Published 12/18/15