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Wireless Network


UB offers wireless Internet access throughout campus. Access is provided to current UB students, faculty and staff. The UB community can access the Internet, wireless printing with computer lab printers, personal e-mail through IMAP or POP connections, file transfers, instant messaging, and other Internet services while using the UB wireless network.

You can connect to the UB wireless using one of three methods:

  • ubalt-secure (recommended secure option)
  • ubalt-guest
  • eduroam (secure option, recommended for frequent visitors of participating institutions)

The wireless networks ubalt-secure and eduroam provide a secure wireless connection to the UB network. You will need to set up a connection to either network if you want to use it while on campus. Instructions for connecting are provided above. You can also use the network ubalt-guest, which is unsecured. This means data is not encrypted over the network. To connect on campus, choose the "ubalt-secure" or "eduroam" network and click Connect. Login to  ubalt-secure with your netID/current password. If connecting to eduroam, login using, where netID is your UB netID,  and your current password. To connect to ubalt-guest (unsecured option), use your netID/current password.

For FAQs about wireless access, click here. Contact the OTS Call Center for additional assistance.

Last Published 7/26/17