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Lion Printing

Print to the Lab Printers with MAC Lion 10.7.x and above

Printing to certain lab printers through the UB wireless network on a MAC running OSX 10.7 is different than prior version of OSX. Follow these instructions to add the printer and release it from the IPRINT server. To use wireless printing, you need:

  • an active UB netID
  • a printer page balance (jobs sent through wireless printing are deducted from your printer page balance)

The following printers are available to students:

Academic Center Room 135

  • Driver HP LaserJet 9050

 Law School Library 4th Floor

  • Driver HP LaserJet 4050

 Business Center Room 002 (Lab)

  • LABBC002-MAC
  • Driver HP LaserJet 4050

 Student Center Lab

  • Driver HP LaserJet 4050

 Langsdale Library 4th Floor

  • Driver HP LaserJet 4100 Series

 Angelos Law Center 9th Floor

  • Driver HP LaserJet 9050


Instructions for OSX 10.7.x Only

To print wirelessly from OS 10.7.x, you will need to first add the lab printer you want to use, then each time you send a document to the printer, you need to release it for printing.

Add the Printer to your Computer

  1. In the top left corner on you Mac, click the Apple menu applelogo then select System Preferences.
  2. Select Print & Scan printnscan
  3. Click the + plus button on the left to add a printer. 
  4. Click IP appleip at the top of the Add Printer Window.
  5. Enter the following settings in that window:
      • Choose Protocol: Line Printer Daemon – LPD
      • Address:
      • Queue: (The name of printer you want to print to as listed at the top of this page) ex: LABLC426B-MAC
      • Name: (The name you want to refer to the printer as) ex: LawSchool
      • Location: Optional
      • Print Using: click the pull down to choose Select Printer Software and add the correct driver for the printer you are setting up. (Printers and drivers are listed at the top of this page). Ex: HP Laserjet 4050 Series is correct for the law lab printer.
    Note:  You might have to download the correct print drivers. Go to , download, and install HP Printer Drivers.
        Your window should look similar to this:


  6. Click Add.
  7. Click OK.


That printer is now available for you to select as a printer.

Release the Document for Printing

The next step is to review and release the document from the print server. You will have 30 minutes to release the document before it is automatically deleted.

  1. Visit this website ( to log into and release your document for printing. (Bookmark this site.)
  2. Sign in to pcounterwebclient with your netID and password.
    You will see any documents that are pending.
  3. Select the document you wish to print and click Print. The selected documents will print and be deducted from your print balance. You also have the option to delete documents before they are printed.


Note: You have to access from the same Mac that you printed from to be able to release the document. Documents not released within 30 minutes are automatically deleted.