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Streaming Video Policy & Guidelines



The Instructional Technologies department offers a media streaming service which allows various video formats to be converted and accessed via the web. The streaming service allows faculty and staff to make video available to a large audience at once, on demand, without viewers having to download the file. Those files can also be password protected to ensure security. 

Classroom and Media Services can convert videos from VHS, DVD, MiniDV, 8mm/Hi8, Digital8, or ¾” videotape formats to Windows Media video, then upload the file to the streaming server. The user will receive a link to the file, which will open in Windows Media Player (html code to embed a player in a web page is available upon request). Turnaround time is normally two business days but may vary based on number of orders, video length, and office staffing.


Streaming Media Server Policy

Eligibility: This service is currently only available to current faculty and staff.

Copyright Liability: The requesting individual or department is responsible for holding the copyright for the materials or getting authorization for any materials posted to the server. The user MUST sign a copyright release stating that they hold the copyright to the material, or have explicit permission from the copyright holder to duplicate the material. Classroom and Media Services reserves the right to refuse requests which IT identifies as likely violations of U.S. copyright law.

Cost: Conversions to Windows Media format are billed at $35 per hour of labor (not running time). Users are billed $5 for up to 300MB of server space per 6 month period or portion thereof; storage space is reviewed and billed twice per year, in January and August. Users exceeding this space will be billed an additional $5 for the next additional 300MB per six month period or portion thereof. Faculty and staff using this service for academic or work-related purposes may have Classroom and Media Services bill their department through IDB.

Format: All videos are converted to Windows Media format at 300kbs using high quality 2-pass encoding, at a size of 320 x 240 pixels. This format is intended to be viewed over the web and is not full resolution video appropriate for editing or viewing on a full resolution monitor or television. If you need another format or resolution, please inquire about other conversion options available from Classroom and Media Services.

File Management: In order to make best use of this service, files are managed by Classroom and Media Services according to the following criteria:

  1. Files are reviewed twice each year, in January and February. The number of hits each file has received, the size of each file, and the total space occupied by each user will be noted.
  2. Users are billed in January and August for their file space for the previous six months. At this time users may elect to remove their file(s) if they no longer need access to the file(s) to avoid paying for this space usage for the upcoming six month period.
  3. Users are billed $5 for up to 300MB of storage space each semester; users exceeding this space will be billed another $5 for each additional 300MB increment needed.
  4. Users with file(s) that have received no hits during the last year are notified, and have the option of having the file removed from the streaming server without being billed during the next 6 month increment. If the user wishes to leave the file in place on the server, the user will continue to be billed normally.
  5. File(s) placed on the streaming server will be archived locally by Classroom and Media Services.

Password protection: Users may request that their files be password protected; Classroom and Media Services can place a username and password restriction on the file, and provide it to the user. If this service is requested, the user is responsible for supplying the username and password to any viewers. Classroom and Media Services may require password protection be used under certain circumstances.

How to request this service: Users should bring their VHS, DVD, MiniDV, 8mm/Hi8, Digital8, or ¾” videotape for conversion to the BC002 lab desk (located in the rear of the lab) and fill out the request for conversion and upload, including start & end dates and copyright release.  Once the video is converted to Windows Media format and uploaded to the server, the user will be notified via email of the link to their file and will be able to pick up the original media from the BC002 lab help desk.