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University of Baltimore Police Department

The UB Police Department is a legislated police agency. University police officers are vested with full police authority under provisions of Title 13, Subtitle 6, Section 13-601, Education Article, Annotated Code of Maryland. In addition, police officers are granted additional jurisdictional authority as prescribed in the Criminal Procedure Act, Title 2, Subtitle 1, Section 2-102.

The Department consists of three operational components:

  1. Police-full arrest authority;
  2. Building security;
  3. Parking security and enforcement.
The Department works cooperatively with the Baltimore Police Department, and other law enforcement agencies to ensure an exchange of information, directly related to personal safety issues on campus, exists and is maintained. Moreover, this information exchange ensures that the university is in compliance with local, state, and federal laws, regulations pertaining to campus safety issues. Further, it is the policy of the UB Police Department to monitor crimes at off-campus facilities owned, leased or controlled by UB and report such incidents to the university community. An administrative staff of full-time employees assists the Department in fulfilling its mission

The UB Police Department has an MOU which establishes concurrent jurisdiction with the Baltimore Police Department enabling university police officers to respond, handle and resolve any crime issues in an approximate 40-block area surrounding the main campus, which also includes the Mt. Washington facility.


"Solving the Problems of Crime in Partnership with the Campus Community"

Last Published 9/19/16