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The University of Baltimore has several secure areas on campus that utilize card access readers.  The University of Baltimore Police Department manages these readers as well as the distribution of access for Faculty, Staff and Students that require access to these secure areas using their Bee Card.  Using the Online Access Request Form employees may submit a request for access to a secured area.  This request is then sent to the appropriate Department Head or Dean for review.  If approved, the University of Baltimore Police Department will grant the employee access in accordance with the Access Control Policies and Procedures .  If you have any questions regarding Access Control please contact the University of Baltimore Police at

Student Government Association Offices in the Student Center

Access requests for the Student Government Associations rooms in the Student Center are managed by the Center for Student Involvement (CSI). CSI is located in SC 303 and may be contacted by phone at 410-837-5417 or through email at


Last Published 3/9/16