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The Physical Plant Department maintains the campus buildings and grounds with a concern for safety and security. Routine inspections are conducted to identify any changes in exterior lighting conditions. In addition, defective lighting conditions are reported as detected by other building service personnel and UB Police officers. Ad hoc meetings between Physical Plant and the UB Police are held to establish other relevant safety issues or concerns.

A crime prevention officer routinely conducts various surveys and forwards reports to the appropriate department or agency. These surveys not only address existing conditions but also can include recommendations for improvements. Additionally, UB Police Department officers report any safety hazard to the appropriate authority on or off campus. Any repairs which have security and safety implications are prioritized and handled accordingly.

UB is an open, non-residential campus which welcomes faculty, staff, students and visitors to use their facilities available as scheduled by the University. Faculty, staff and students are issued UB identification cards and are required to show a UB identification card when requested by a UB Police Department employee or by authorized personnel of the University.  Visitors using the campus are required to show a photo identification card when requested by a UB Police Department employee or by authorized personnel of the University.

Visitors are welcome on campus when conducting business or using the facilities in accordance with University policy. All buildings are locked and secured by UB Police Department employees in accordance with scheduled activities in the buildings. No unauthorized persons are permitted in the buildings during non-operational hours. A UB identification card is required to gain access to any UB computer lab 24/7.  Trespass laws are vigorously enforced.

Campus Building Hours

NOTE:  A UB ID card is REQUIRED to gain access during any type of University Closure.  


Last Published 9/19/16