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Section: 1.424

Effective Date: Nov. 15, 2010

1.424 Accreditation Process                                                           

A. The agency is an active, contractual participant in the international accreditation process through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc.

B. The Standards for Law Enforcement Agencies is the cornerstone publication for CALEA.

1. The standards reflect the Commission's view of the best professional requirements and practices for law enforcement agencies.

2. The applicability of CALEA standards are based on the agency’s size, functions, and mission.

3. The Standards Manual is available for inspection, review, and consultation:

a. In the Office of the Accreditation Coordinator;

C. All agency employees are responsible for efficiently and effectively conducting their assigned or delegated accreditation process related activities.

D. With the exception of specific waivers granted by the Commission, agency employees will not knowingly or willingly conduct activities or create conditions that are not in compliance with applicable CALEA standards.

E. The Chief will appoint an accreditation coordinator for the agency.  Duties and responsibilities of the accreditation coordinator include, but are not limited to:

1. Acting as liaison to the Commission;

2. Remaining thoroughly familiar with accreditation standards, processes, and proposed changes;

3. Assessing the impact of new or revised standards on agency directives;

4. Conducting accreditation related training for agency personnel;

5. Directing and coordinating the revision and distribution of agency directives;

6. Maintaining master and archive files and copies of agency directives;

7. Assigning, directing, and coordinating related agency activities to achieve compliance with accreditation standards;

8. Maintaining and updating information contained in the accreditation related database and reporting system;

9. Ensuring the Chief is regularly updated and briefed on accreditation related activities and dynamics; and

10. Ensuring post-accreditation annual reports are completed and submitted to CALEA.
Last Published 10/17/16