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Section: 1.435                                    

Effective Date: May 25, 2010

Amended: July 11, 2016

1.435 Acting Out of Title

Acting Out of Title is an opportunity for a sworn member to fill in and assume the duties and responsibilities of another higher ranking member, for an extended period of time. This position could become available as a result of a supervisor taking ill, being injured on the job, being promoted or retiring. 

The Acting Out of Title is not to be mistaken for our current OIC program where an officer is selected to surprise on a temporary or short term basis.

Acting Out of Title is a career enhancement opportunity available for in-house sworn personnel meet basic eligibility requirements.

1.435.05 System Responsibility

The Chief will assign sworn members through the recommendation of the Operations Captain and ancillary information from the shift supervisors.

1.435.10 Lists of Eligible Candidates

A. On notification an "Acting Out of Title" position has become available, interested sworn personnel to submit an Administrative re-post (95) or email to the Operations Captain. A list of eligible candidates will be posted and/or distributed through email.

B. If an applicant believes they were inappropriately left off of eligibility lists, they must notify the Operations Captain in writing or by email within three working days of list postings to ascertain reasons for applicants' name not appearing on lists.

C. Decisions must be rendered in three working days to facilitate the process.

1.435.15 Requirements

Officers who do not meet announced requirements will not be eligible to participate in the "Acting Out of Title" selection process.

1.435.20 Performance Evaluation Reviews

A. Candidates must have at least two years of their performance evaluations reviewed, including disciplinary files, by the Operations Captain to ensure candidates meet announced evaluation criteria.

B. Candidates who do not meet announced evaluation criteria will not be eligible to continue in the current process. 

1.435.25 Selection

A. The Operations Captain will compile a list of qualified eligible members.

B. The list will be submitted to the Chief for appointment after recommendations from the respective shift supervisor.

1.435.30 Acting Sergeant Usage

A. A UPO/MPO selected to perform in the Acting Out of Title position will perform the function only with prior approval of the shift supervisor.

1.435.35 Authority

A. An OIC, and an officer selected to Act Out of Title has all the authority of a sergeant to conduct the daily, routine patrol functions of the squad with the following exceptions:

  1. The OIC/MPO may not issue discipline or suspend a sworn employee.
  2. The OIC/MPO may approve leave only for days on which they are the OIC.

B. The UPO/MPO selected to perform the Acting Out of Title position will be given the proper computer access levels and other authorizations needed to perform the functions of the position. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Supervisor authority equal to a SergeantOnline timesheet approval authority

C. UPO/MPO selected to perform in an Acting Out of Title function will be given training that includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Report approval requirements
  2. Timesheet approval requirements
  3. Supervisor's authority, expectations, and limitations.

1.435.40 Removal from the Program

A. The Chief or his designee will review, as necessary, the performance of all UPO/MPO authorized to perform the function to Act Out of Title. Those employees not performing the functions at an acceptable level will no longer be authorized to perform the function.

B. Any UPO/MPO having this authority removed may apply for any future appointment processes provided that they meet the eligibility requirements.

Last Published 10/17/16