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Section: 2.412                                    

Effective Date: June 30, 2010

Amended: May 9, 2011

2.412 Concurrent Jurisdiction               

2.412.02 Authority

A. University of Baltimore Police Department (UBPD) and the Baltimore Police Department have entered into an agreement pursuant to ED 13-601(b)(2) for the coordination of enforcement responsibilities within an area of concurrent jurisdiction that contains or is adjoining to property owned or operated by the University of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland.

B. A copy of the concurrent jurisdiction agreement accompanies this directive.

1. The attached copy of the agreement is for informational purposes only and is not suitable for introduction as evidence in court or administrative cases.

2. Certified, true test copies of the agreement may be requested for introduction as evidence in court or administrative cases.

2.412.04 Limitations on Concurrent Jurisdictional Authority

A. The concurrent jurisdictional agreement places limitations on the authority of officers of this agency when responding to and handling of certain specified incidents.

B. In certain incidents, officers from this agency may not exercise police powers unless an apprehension can be made as the result of fresh pursuit, incident to fresh pursuit, or at/on the scene of an offense.  These incidents are:

1. Part I offenses established by FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR) definitions;

2. All deaths, including those occurring as the result of motor vehicle accidents;

3. All cases of suspected child abuse; and

C. Part I offenses established by FBI UCR definitions are:

1. Criminal homicide;

2. Forcible rape;

3. Robbery

4. Aggravated assault;

5. Burglary;

6. Theft (excepting motor vehicle theft);

7. Motor vehicle theft; and

8. Arson.

2.412.06 Operational Details

A. The Baltimore Police Department (BPD) shall continue to assume full and complete responsibility for the preliminary investigation and follow-up in cases of homicide (including suicide and sudden death) and rape. They shall assume full and complete responsibility for preliminary investigation and follow-up for cases of robbery, aggravated assault and other Part 1 offenses that necessitate an ongoing investigation. The University of Baltimore Police Department (UBPD) shall assume responsibility for preliminary investigation and follow-up for Part II offenses, and reserves the right to seek assistance from the BPD when investigating Part 1 offenses.

B. The BPD remains the lead agency relative to any emergency situation that may arise.  The University of   Baltimore Police Department shall provide assistance consistent with adequate staffing levels.

C. The BPD shall continue to investigate all pedestrian and vehicular crashes. The UBPB shall ensure free access to and egress from university property, and shall issue UBPB or BPD moving violations or parking citations when deemed appropriate.

D. Persons arrested by the UBPD shall be transported, and processed at CBIF. The processing of prisoners shall be in keeping with current practices. UBPD officers shall be responsible for the proper preparation of all charging documents. Once detained at CBIF, any personal property of the arrestee becomes the responsibility Central Booking personnel.

E. Arrestees of the UBPD requiring medical attention or mental evaluation prior to the booking process shall be transported to a medical facility by the University of Baltimore Police Department, and if required, shall be guarded by the University of Baltimore Police Department until released.

F. Arrestees of the UBPD detained in CBIF that subsequently requires medical attention or mental evaluation shall be the responsibility of CBIF.

G. The UBPD may submit suspected controlled dangerous substance related evidence (discarded or recovered), weapons related evidence (discarded or recovered), any criminal tool related evidence, and US coin and/or currency related evidence to the Baltimore Police Department Evidence Control Section for processing and pre-trial storage.  All submissions shall be in accordance with BPD   policies, procedures, and guidelines.

H. Both BPD officers and UBPD officers shall appear in court for any matter resulting from their joint police action. When necessary, officers from either agency shall appear in court as a witness.

I. The UBPD shall obtain and execute warrants necessary to discharge their official duties within the area of concurrent jurisdiction. Warrants for service outside the area of concurrent jurisdiction shall be submitted to the appropriate police agency for service.  Any warrants originating with UBPD that were not served shall be retained by the UBPD.

J. BPD officers in possession of an arrest warrant for any faculty, staff, or student of the University of Baltimore (UB) shall, as a courtesy, report to the Police Communications Center located in the Academic Center, 1420 N. Charles St, and advise the police supervisor on duty of such service. As an officer safety issue, UBPD officers shall accompany the BPD officers in order to serve the warrant(s). 

K. The BPD shall provide assistance upon request from the UBPD relative to search and seizure warrants obtained by the UBPD for execution either within the area of concurrent jurisdiction or within any area of Baltimore City. As a courtesy, the BPD shall notify the UBPD of the service of a search and seizure warrant executed within the area of concurrent jurisdiction.

L. In the event of serious injury or death, the department with the responsibility for investigating the accident or incident shall make the next of kin notification.

M. The Baltimore Police Department Communications Division shall broadcast descriptions of stolen property, stolen vehicles, wanted persons, and other related matters upon receipt of such information from the University of Baltimore Police Department’s Police Communication Officer.  This notification will be made telephonically.

N. Currently, UBPD is in possession of a BPD radio and monitors same for crime/emergency information.

O. The BPD and UBPD shall exchange and share access to all reports concerning incidents within the area of concurrent jurisdiction.  The BPD shall provide all statistical information requested by the UBPD in order for the university to remain in compliance with the federal law known as, Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act.

P. The Baltimore Police Department Central Records Division shall provide NCIC access and police record information upon request by the University of Baltimore Police Department. The UBPD shall make all requests via the Central Records Division Shift Commander.

Q. Specifically, the UBPD will be provided telecommunications service by the BPD. The UBPD will be a "Secondary Terminal User" and meet the following criteria:

A criminal justice agency with assigned NCIC ORI

Abide by all rules, policies and procedures of:

National Crime Information Center (NCIC)
National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS)
Maryland Interagency Law Enforcement System (MILES)

R. Upon receiving reports of stolen property meeting the criteria to be entered into the NCIC database files, the UBPD will:

a. Enter all property reported to its jurisdiction into the NCIC.

b. Forward a copy of the UBPD Incident Report and NCIC message to BPD’s Central Records within 24 hours of entry to be kept on file for confirmation

c. In the event of a request from another jurisdiction to confirm stolen property, the UBPD will initiate confirmation within the specified time, if a certified dispatcher is on-duty. 

d. If a second confirmation is initiated, the BPD will complete the confirmation in accordance with the exchange agreement on file.   

2.412.08  Main Campus Properties 

(1420 North Charles Street)

Building/Property Name

Academic Center

Angelos Law Center

University office/rear parking lot

Liberal Arts and Policy Building

Family Justice Center

Foundation Building/rear parking lot

Vacant lot/rear parking lot

Langsdale Library

Law Center Plaza

Law Clinic

Queen Anne Belvedere

Rental Offices

University office/rear parking lot




Student Center

William H. Thumel Sr. Business Center

Mebane H. Turner Learning Commons

University Offices

University Offices

University Offices

University Offices


1420 N. Charles St.

1429 Maryland Ave.

1319 N. Charles St.

10 W. Preston St.

5-7 W. Chase St.

1130 N. Charles St.

32 W. Biddle St.

1420 Maryland Ave.

NE corner, Maryland, Mt. Royal Avenues

40 W. Chase St.

1214 N. Charles St.

1221 N. Calvert St.

1302 St. Paul St.

110 W. Mt. Royal Ave.

110 W. Mt. Royal Ave.

1018-20 Morton St.

21 W. Mt. Royal Ave. 

11 W. Mt. Royal Ave.

1415 Maryland Ave. 

1105 Cathedral St.

1107 Cathedral St.

1102 Maryland Ave.

1104 Maryland Ave.


Building/Property Name 

Parking Lot-Mt. Royal

Parking Garage-Fitzgerald

Parking Garage-Maryland Ave.

Parking Lot-Handicap

Parking Lot-Library

Parking Lot-Triangle


131 W. Mt Royal Av.

80 W. Oliver St.

1111 Cathedral St.

Unit W. Oliver St.

55 W. Oliver St.

1100 Cathedral St.


2.412.10  University of Baltimore Campus Boundaries

NORTH: E. Lanvale Street to Falls Road to Howard Street

SOUTH: Martin Luther King Boulevard to Read Street to Park Avenue to Madison Street to Hunter Street

EAST: Hunter Street to Mt. Royal Avenue to St. Paul Street to E. Lanvale Street

WEST: Howard Street to John Street to W. Lanvale Street to N. Eutaw Street to Martin Luther King Boulevard

Last Published 10/31/16