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Section: 2.344                                    

Effective Date: July 19, 2016

2.344 Criminal Procedure – Victim and Witness:  Treatment and Help

2.344.02 Title 11, Subtitle 10 of the Criminal Procedure Ann. Code § 11-1002 (2011)

A. This state board of Victim Services was created by the Maryland General Assembly to address the unique needs of crime victims and to make recommendations for improving state and local crime victim services.

B. As a result, a brochure was designed to inform victims and witnesses of their rights and the services to help them.

C. Every police agency has continued to receive these brochures with the instructions to provide each victim and witness of a crime a brochure.

D. The UB Police Department, since early 1990’s, as directed by GO VII – Victim Witness Assistance Guide, has subscribed to the State’s mandate.

E. This directive serves to update the “old” General Order and place it in the new directive system. 

2.344.04 Police Officer Responsibility

A. Of utmost importance, all victims of a crime must be treated with dignity, respect and sensitivity during all phases of the criminal justice process, which usually begins with the initial contact by a police officer.

B. On  all occasions where officers take a report of a criminal incident, the investigating officer will provide the victim(s) and all witnesses listed on the police report a copy of the CRIME  VICTIMS AND WITNESSES: YOUR RIGHTS AND SERVICES guide.

C. The investigating officer will print the below information on the cover of each GUIDE issued:

1. Officer's full name;

2. The incident's complaint number;

3. The agency's phone number (PCC);

4. The investigator’s name (if it is to be referred to our investigator).

2.344.06 Purpose

A. The purpose of the guide is to promote positive community relations and to ensure essential information is received by each victim/witness in accordance with the State’s statute.

B. The agency is dedicated to provide all possible assistance, support and resource referral to all victims and witnesses of criminal acts which occur at the university and the MOU areas patrolled.

2.344.08 Guides

A. A supply of the guides will be maintained in the Officer's area, adjacent to PCC.

B. Each officer will ensure they carry a sufficient number of guides while on patrol and have them readily available to issue to victims/witnesses of crimes reported.

C. Shift supervisors/OIC's will ensure officers have guides with them while on patrol and notify the Business Specialist when the supply is low.

D. The Business Specialist will contact the State and obtain additional guides when deemed necessary.

2.344.10 Information in the Guide

A. Each member of the agency is to know the contents of the guide to best assist a victim or  witness as needed. 

2.344.12 Availability of the Guides

A. The State will make the guides available to the agencies involved in carrying out the  information in the guides.

B. To the extent feasible, the guides will be printed by Maryland Correctional Enterprises.

C. Guides are available at

Last Published 10/31/16