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Section: 2.407                                    

Effective Date: Oct. 28, 2011

Amended: July 31, 2014

2.407 Emergency pPhones

2.407.02 Emergency Phones on Campus

A. The University of Baltimore maintains a number of fixed "emergency phones" on campus which provide a direct ring down to the UB Police Department's Communications Center.

B. The "Caller ID" on the Police Communications Operator’s (PCO) phone identifies the building and floor and the message, "Emergency Call." EXAMPLE:

1. AC 3th Floor – Emergency 333017

C. The PCO immediately inquires as to the emergency and sends personnel as appropriate.

2.407.04 Telephone Locations

A. Initially, the emergency phones (some are red) were placed strategically in areas where there was student traffic to afford easy access to communications with the UB Police.

B. As buildings are built or added to the university, the decision for determining locations for any new phones would rest with the Chief of Police and VP-Capitol Planning.

1. The Chief would base the decision on input from:

  • Administrators,
  • Students,
  • Faculty,
  • Staff.

2. A needs review, based on a documented security survey, will be conducted at least once every three years.

2.407.06 Maintenance and Testing

A. All emergency phones are to be checked at least once weekly, on Friday.

1. Building security officers assigned the AC, Langsdale, Law Center and the Student Center will be contacted by the PCO and directed to lift the handle from the cradle of each phone in the officer's respective building, to verify the phone calls the Communications Center.

2. In the event a building security officer is unavailable at a building, a campus police officer can be directed to perform these checks weekly.

3. Officers will document the weekly tests on their daily activity log.

4. PCOs will document the weekly test results on the Emergency Phone Inspection form and forward to the sergeant/OIC to complete an official report in the department’'s RMS, using one CC number as a call for service.

B. Any phone in need of repair will be immediately referred to OTS by the Business Specialist. Signage is also to be posted at the phone to show the phone is "OUT OF SERVICE."

1. The PAS, on notification by a PCO or Sergeant/OIC a phone is not working, OR a phone is found to be defective during the weekly test, will print a sign.

a. The sign is to be printed on 8.5 X 11 paper, landscaped and dated:








2. A building security officer will be dispatched to retrieve the "OUT OF SERVICE" sign and tape it to the wall next to or over the phone to draw attention to the fact the phone does not work.

3. If the phone is not repaired within two days, the Business Specialist will call OTS to provide an estimated date of repair.

2.407.08 Response to a Call

A. On receipt for a call from an emergency phone, the PCO will assess the situation and send officers as deemed appropriate.

B. Each call from an emergency phone requires a written report in Report Exec to explain the circumstances of the emergency and how it was resolved.

2.407.10 Notification of Location of the Emergency Phones

A. The UB Police Department produces a tri-fold brochure which introduces the agency, emergency phone numbers and police/security services rendered.

B. In this brochure is a list of all emergency phones, and their location in the buildings.

C. These brochures are distributed at student orientations, various events and by UBPD personnel at informational booths in the student center throughout the year.

2.407.12  Emergency Phone List

A. A copy of the emergency phone "check off" list is attached at the end of this directive.

Last Published 10/31/16