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Section: 1.100                                    

Effective Date: May 25, 2010

Amended: March 21, 2016

2.415 Escorts

2.415.02 Escort Area and Times of Operation

A. The official UB policy for escorts begins when the shuttle service ends at 2300 hours.

B. The UB Police Department is committed to providing the university community with a safe environment and a published phone number (410-837-5520) for faculty, staff and students to call for an escort. 

C. As a matter of policy, escorts provided can be either walking or by vehicle at the discretion of the officer.

D. Escorts will be limited to the University buildings and parking facilities. Any escorts requested outside the below listed boundary will be made only with the approval of the Shift Commander:

NORTH: East Lanvale Street;

SOUTH: Madison Street;

EAST: Hunter/St. Paul Street;

WEST: Howard/West Lanvale Streets/Eutaw/Martin Luther King Boulevard/Park Avenue.

E.  Officers providing escort service will advise communications of:

1. their arrival;

2. the vehicles beginning mileage;

3. their arrival at the escort’s destination;

4. the vehicle's ending mileage at the destination.

2.415.04 Escort Requests

A.  Escort Requests can be made through the Police Communications Center or directly to an employee.

B. Notwithstanding an emergency which prevents an escort, NO ESCORT IS DENIED;

C. In the unlikely event an escort cannot be furnished, the supervisor or officer making the decision to decline the service will inform, by e-mail or an administrative report, the Operations Captain. The report must include the date, time and location of the caller and the circumstances surrounding the decision to decline the escort.

D. Requests for Escort Services will be assigned to available uniformed, police or security officers.

E. Employees in vehicles are authorized to transport requests in agency vehicles.

F. BSOs must carry a radio at all times.

2.415.20 Communication's Responsibility

A. Communications will provide those requesting an escort an estimated time of arrival of the officer and/or any anticipated delays in the response; and

B. In Report Exec, document the:

1. time of the request;

2. time of officer's arrival;

3. vehicle's beginning mileage;

4. time of the arrival at the destination;

5. ending mileage at the destination.

Last Published 11/1/16