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Section: 2.424                                    

Effective Date: March 30, 2011

2.424 Extra jurisdictional Authority Implementation 

2.242.02 Extra jurisdictional Authority Implementation

A. This directive implements the provisions of CP 2-102 dealing with limited extra jurisdictional authority of police officers.

B. Officers will comply with the legal requirements mandated in CP 2-102. Officers may exercise extra-jurisdictional authority granted in this law only if they are acting in accordance with regulations adopted by this agency to implement the extra jurisdictional authority, and:

1. They are participating in joint investigations with officials from any other state, federal, or local law enforcement agencies at least one of which must have local jurisdiction;

2. They are rendering assistance to other police officers;

3. They are acting at the request of local police officers or State Police Officers; or

4. Emergencies exist.

C. Emergencies, as defined in CP 2-101, means sudden or unexpected happenings or unforeseen combinations of circumstances that call for immediate action/s to protect the health, safety, welfare, or property of individuals from actual or threatened harm or from unlawful acts.

D. Operating under extra jurisdictional authority, officers of this agency:

1. Must not be in a police powers suspended status;

2. Are considered, at all times and for all purposes, on-duty employees of this agency;

3. May serve arrest warrants only in conjunction with the lawful exercise of jurisdiction under this authority;

4. Must, unless circumstances otherwise dictate, be in possession of their badges, agency IDs, MPSTC certification cards, and issued an authorized firearms;

5. May act in destruction of property incidents only when such incidents could result in injury, great bodily harm, or death;

6. May not use their privately owned vehicles except to protect the officer or others from clear and eminent danger or harm; or

7. May not act under this authority while working within the scope of security type secondary employment positions, except if acting at the request of or rendering assistance to other police officers.

E. There is a duty on behalf of this agency to receive and investigate allegations of misconduct on the part of officers acting pursuant to extra jurisdictional authority.

G. Nothing in this directive or in statutes related to limited extra jurisdictional authority of police officers alters authority granted to the University of Baltimore Police in ED 13-601.

H. Violations of agency directives do not, and are not intended to, abrogate the legality of any law enforcement action taken pursuant to limited extra jurisdictional authority.

Last Published 11/4/16