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Section: 1.449                                    

Effective Date: Oct. 23, 2015                                             

1.449 Military Deployment and Reintegration

A. The USM VII–7.24 Policy On Call-Up to Active Military Duty During A National or International Crisis or Conflict for USM Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff Employees on Regular Status is to provide procedures consistent with the health and retirement benefits programs administered by the State of Maryland; the USM policy on return to work; and the USM policies on tuition remission, upon call-up to active military duty during a national or international crisis or conflict by order of the President of the Unites States.  This policy is not intended to take precedence over Article 65, Section 42, of the Annotated Code of Maryland and Federal law for orders to active military duty made by the Governor of the State of Maryland.

B. The purpose of this directive is to provide procedures for employees' military deployment and reintegration to the University of Baltimore Police Department (UBPD). This policy shall apply to employees with military activations exceeding 180 days for pre-deployment, deployment and post deployment. This shall apply to any branch of military service covered under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). 

C. The police department will grant all employees leaves of absence to fulfill military service obligations in accordance with the requirement of applicable law.

1.449.02 Designated Agency Contacts

A. The Operations Captain has been designated to serve as a liaison between the deployed employee and UBPD during his/her absence. 

B. Employee and Labor Relations in the Office of Human Resources is responsible for providing guidance on UB's workforce policies and procedures during the employee's absence.

1.449.04 Pre-Deployment Procedures

A. Any employee seeking a military leave of absence must provide UBPD with advance notice of his/her intent to take a military leave unless advance notice is precluded by military necessity or is otherwise impossible or unreasonable, considering all relevant circumstances.

B. The employee will submit a copy of his/her military orders to his/her supervisor as soon as possible along with written notification to their immediate supervisor to include the following:

1. Anticipated date(s) of mobilization;

2. Unit name and identification;

3. Commanding Officer's name, telephone number and e-mail address;

4. Immediate military supervisor's name, telephone number and e-mail address;

5. Name of the military ombudsman (or equivalent) telephone number and e-mail address

C. Employee and Labor Relations in the Office of Human Resources will meet with the employee prior to deployment to ascertain information regarding:

  1. Employee benefits
  2. Salary continuation
  3. Any other relevant information which may aid in later reintegration

D. The Operations Captain will provide oversight over the reintegration of military employees into UBPD during the exit interview.

E. Prior to their deployment, the employee shall turn in all issued clothing and equipment to their immediate supervisor. The clothing and equipment will be secured by UBPD during the deployment.

1.449.06 Deployment Procedures

A. The Operations Captain will keep updated status on the employee, and provide the information to the Chief and the employee’s immediate supervisor.

B. During the deployed employee's absence, UBPD shall provide support to the employee.

C. The Operations Captain shall maintain a current file on the deployed employee, including the status of any certifications and applicable training.

1.449.08 Reintegration Procedures

A. Any employee on military leave of absence, upon completing his/her military service obligation, must return to work in a timely manner as established by applicable laws. Failure to return to work after an approved military leave in a timely manner, falsification of the reasons for taking the military leave or working elsewhere while on the military leave can result in termination of the leave of absence and/or discipline, up to and including termination of employment.

B. Prior to returning to full duty, the returning employee will meet with the Chief of Police for a reintegration interview. 

C. An employee returning from a military leave of absence will be reinstated in accordance with and as required by applicable laws. With some exceptions, an employee  returning from a military leave of absence typically will be reinstated without loss of seniority, status or pay and return to either his/her prior position or the position in which the employee would have been employed had his/her continuous service not been interrupted by the military leave. Under certain circumstances, UBPD may require an employee to provide documentation demonstrating his/her eligibility to return to work. 

D. Upon return to work, the employee must provide appropriate documentation regarding the amount of military pay received during the leave, the amount of time served, and documentation indicating the type of duty performed.

E. Returning employees shall be reissued all clothing and equipment. The employee shall contact his/her immediate supervisor as soon as notice to return to work is received and request re-issuance of all required clothing and equipment.

F. The Operations Captain will provide the returning employee with copies of any revised policies and procedures.

G. The returning employee will meet with the Operations Captain to determine what missed training or certifications must be completed. A schedule will be made to accomplish all required training tasks. The returning employee will be required to complete a short term assignment with their immediate supervisor for the refresher training in their assigned area.

1. This re-acclimation process is the gradual, pre-determined steps, set by UBPD, which are intended to give returning military employees the opportunity to more comfortably, and successfully, reintroduce themselves into their positions with UBPD after deployment. This process is designed to afford the employee an opportunity to address issues which may be associated with their deployment, and their department position. 

H. The returning employee will be required to successfully complete weapons qualification with a Range Officer. 

Last Published 10/18/16