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Section: 1.426          

Effective Date: March 30, 2011

Amended: April 14, 2016

1.426 Planning and Research 

A. The agency's planning and research function is coordinated and assigned through the Office of the Chief of Police. Personnel conducting planning and research activities ultimately report directly to the chief in order to develop strategies for bringing about desirable future conditions relating to the agency and the community.

B. The planning responsibilities described herein are the agency's primary planning and research efforts, but do not constitute all planning and research efforts that may be conducted to assist the efficiency and effectiveness of the agency.

1. The agency's Strategic Management Program will be conducted.

2. The agency's crime analysis program will be conducted.

3. The Chief is directly responsible for planning the agency's responses to emergency operations and unusual occurrences.

4. The Chief is responsible for allocating and distributing personnel resources as the result of studies conducted through the analysis of crime.

5. Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeants, and the Business Specialist, as assigned, are responsible for planning activities that include, but are not limited to:

a. Ensuring special events planning is conducted;

b. Ensuring selective traffic enforcement is planned and conducted;

c. Conducting on-going reviews of the agency’s information management systems to ensure its efficiency and effectiveness; and

d. Fiscal management functions.

6. The agency's accreditation manager is responsible for researching and planning the agency's directives to ensure compliance with the CALEA accreditation processes.

C. Employees conducting planning and research functions are responsible for:

1. Contacting the Office of the Chief through the chain of command if assistance is needed in accessing necessary information resources to conduct assigned planning and research activities; and

2. Ensuring any analytical reports are distributed to affected units, personnel, and organizations.

Last Published 10/17/16