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Section: 1.442                    

Effective Date: Feb. 24, 2011

1.442 Awards and Commendations

A. The agency's awards and commendations program is established to honor outstanding contributions toward fulfilling the mission of the agency though their acts of  valor or merit and do so at levels beyond that which is normally expected of employees or citizens.

a. The medal may be awarded

B. The use of awards and commendations provides tangible recognition of services rendered above and beyond that normally expected. Awards and commendations are an effective means of developing high moral, initiative and espirit de corps.

C. It is the responsibility of all command and supervisory personnel to promptly direct the attention of the Chief of Police all specific achievements of meritorious or distinguished service to the agency by its members.

1.442.02 Guidelines for Awards

A. The following guidelines shall be established for the awarding of departmental commendations and the wearing of agency commendations. However, any member of this agency may recommend any other member they feel deserves commendatory recognition.

B. It is essential that supervisory personnel realize outstanding performance by a member. Normal duties are not necessarily a basis for departmental award. The individual must have performed acts or services well above and beyond that which is expected and which conspicuously exceeds normal assigned duties.

C. Supervisors shall document, for administrative reference, outstanding performance of members not meeting the criteria set out in this order, but which warrants written recognition and inclusion in the member's personnel records and reference, as appropriate, in the member's PMP.

D. Personal awards given to members of the agency by the community for a specific act or acts of meritorious service shall not be solicited, accepted or authorized for wear without specific permission of the Chief of Police.

E. Letters received by agency officials expressing appreciation and commending a member of the University of Baltimore Police Department, shall be appropriately acknowledged by the receiving official. The letter shall be forwarded to the head of the University's Office of Human Resources with a copy of the acknowledgement for retention in the member’s personnel records, one copy to the member.

1.442.04 Required Actions

A. All actions, activities, programs or implemented suggestions are to be reported to the Commendation Review Board. 

B. EXCEPTION: All recommendations for the Citation of Valor shall be forwarded to the Chief of Police by the wounded officer's supervisor within five days. Consideration and review of recommendations for the Citation of Valor is not within the purview of the Commendation Review Board.

C. The commendation Review Board shall review the facts and circumstances of each report and provide the Chief of Police its recommendation including the appropriate award. Cases the Board determines not consistent with commendation criteria shall be referred back to the originating supervisor.

1.442.06 Composition of Review Board

A. The Chief of Police shall appoint three members of the University to serve as members of the Commendation Review Board in keeping with the following:

1. At least one member shall be appointed from the University of Baltimore Police Department (from opposite shifts).

2. One command staff member shall be appointed from the University of Baltimore Police Department who shall act as chairperson.

3. One member from the faculty/staff of the University community.

1.442.08 Function of the Board

A. The Board shall meet as often as is necessary to properly perform its duties.

B. Meetings shall be held at a time and place designated by the Chairperson

C. Majority vote is sufficient to approve any motion before the Board

D. The Board is authorized and empowered to call witnesses and request reports relating specifically to the recommendation under consideration.

1.442.10 Award Determination

A. By majority vote the Board may select one of the following options;

1. Deny commendation.

2. Defer action on a particular report pending additional information.

3. Recommend commendation and level of award for the Chief of Police's consideration who has final approval.

B. Board members involved in or witness to any matter under review shall not vote but may participate in related discussions or may elect to remove themselves from the Board.

1.442.12 Agency Commendation Standards for Achievement

A. Listed are the current approved University Police Department awards:

1. Medal of Honor

Description: A ribbon 1 3/8" long x 3/8" wide, gold background, with three gold stars. The ribbon is to be worn on the officer's left side, centered over the badge and displayed over and other lesser award.

Requirements: Awarded by the Chief of Police to members who distinguish themselves conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of their own lives, above and beyond the call of duty in an extraordinary act of heroism and bravery and without detriment in any way\to their sworn oath. A member must perform an act so outstanding that it clearly distinguishes superlative courage beyond the call of duty from lesser forms of bravery.                         

a. The Medal of Honor may be awarded posthumously when a member dies in the line of duty.

2. Silver Star

Description: A ribbon 1 3/8" long x 3/8" wide, dark blue background with a silver star located in the center. The ribbon is to be worn on the officer’s left side over the badge. The Silver Star ribbon may be centered over the badge unless the member has been awarded a Bronze Star. If a member has been awarded a Bronze Star, then the Silver Star ribbon must be worn to the right (inboard) and above awards of lesser distinction.

Requirements: Awarded by the Chief of Police for an exceptional act or execution of duty performed in the presence of great danger and personal risk and performed in such a manner as the performance must clearly indicate that the member displayed outstanding ability and judgment in the performance of duty, resulting in the prevention or solution of a crime, and the arrest of those responsible, and is thereby set apart and distinguished from other members. To merit this award the act must be heroic, but not top the degree justifying the award of the Medal of Honor.  This award shall not be granted for arrests   resulting solely from information of an informant.

3. Bronze Star

Description: A ribbon 1 3/8" x 3/8" wide, light blue background with a bronze star located in the center. The ribbon is to be worn on the officer's left side over the badge unless has been awarded a Silver Star. If an officer has been awarded a Silver Star, then the Bronze Star ribbon must be worn to the left (outboard) and above awards of lesser distinction.

Requirements: Awarded by the Chief of Police to members who distinguish themselves by         exceptionally meritorious service to the department and the university community. The performance must clearly indicate that the member displayed abilities and exercised judgment well above the expected standard and thereby contributed materially to the success of an investigation, or incident. It may be awarded for an act involving personal danger under aggravated or hostile circumstances, and for protecting or saving the life of another. 

4. Commendation

Description: A ribbon 1 3/8" x 3/8" wide, with the entire ribbon being dark blue. The commendation ribbon will be worn on the left side, centered over the badge.

Requirements: To merit this award the act of service must be accomplished in a manner above that normally expected. It must be sufficient to distinguish the individual member above those of comparable   position and responsibility, and reflect a highly credible accomplishment. The award may be given for submitting and adopted suggestion which constitutes a definite contribution to the department, such as, invention or innovation resulting in an improved design, procedure, or organization, or relating to a crime prevention or crime resistance. It may be awarded when members have displayed extraordinary intelligence, courage, and ability in     effecting arrests, or in preventing a crime or solving a case.

5. Unit Citation

Description: A ribbon 1 3/8" long x 3/8" wide, divided into two equal sections, the first section being gold and the second section being light blue. The Unit Citation will be worn on the officer's right side, centered over the nametag.

Requirements: For successful operations involving more than one team member, where team members work together to solve crimes and/or apprehend suspects relative to the safety of the university community. Awarded by the Chief of Police, this citation is meant to commend extraordinary performance, attention to duty, or contribution to the university. The criterion for this award is the same as that for the “commendation” when a group effort is recognized.  The mutual and full participation of all unit members in the cited activity must be explained in detail to be considered for this unit distinction.

6. Letter of Commendation

An official letter of commendation from the Chief of Police, directed to a member of this department or to a member of the community, for acts performed by the person which do not meet the criteria for the issuance of a commendation ribbon. The letter shall be made part of the employees’ personnel record.

7. Citation of Valor

Description: A ribbon 1 3/8" long x 3/8" wide, the entire ribbon being red.

Requirements: Wounded in the line of duty, by firearms, edged weapons, or any implement that could be considered a deadly weapon. The ribbon will be worn on the right side, centered over the officer's name tag. The ribbon will be worn over the Unit Citation Award.

8. Commendation Ribbon from Other Police Departments

Any member of the Department, who has received a commendation ribbon from another police department, may wear the ribbon as part of his/her regulation uniform with approval from the Chief of Police.

1.442.14 Initiating Request for Commendation

A. Supervisors shall record all actions, activities, programs, or implemented suggestions of their subordinates which they believe merit consideration for commendation on a Commendation Review Report Form. The Supervisor shall submit the original of this report with comments as appropriate to the Administrative Captain who shall convene a Commendation Review Board.

B. Members shall provide the Board, via the Commendation Review Report, information concerning acts which warrant commendation. Any member who has knowledge of a courageous act or the valuable assistance of a community member of law enforcement officer from another jurisdiction may complete a Commendation Review Report recommending the appropriate award.

C. The Operations Captain shall submit all reports within ten working days of receipt of the recommendation for commendation to the Commendation Review Board.

D. Submitting personnel shall forward one request for commendation regardless of the number and nature of awards recommended. This report shall clearly indicate the level of participation of each member and the concomitant level of award recommended for each member.

E. Any member may submit a report on the behalf of other members. The member shall forward this report to his/her supervisor for recommendations and forwarding to the Board.


Commendation Award Report Form

This directive rescinds GO AOO1, Departmental Awards and Commendations, dated June, 2004. Copies are to be removed from the GO manuals and destroyed.



To: Commendation Report Board


From: _________________________


Subject: ________________________

(Name of Candidate)


In order for the board to effectively evaluate the merits of an incident, case, or distinguished service a complete explanation must be submitted, containing the essential facts in detail. Field and arrest/custody reports shall be included and where applicable, include other documents pertinent to the case.

Explain in detail: (Attach additional sheets, if necessary)

Date: _____________________________                                                                                                                                                                                  

Signature: ______________________________

Operations Captain's Remarks:



Operations Captain's Signature: _________________________

Action of Commendation Review Board:



Date: ______________________________

Award Suggested:





Chairperson: _______________________

Member: __________________________

Member: __________________________




Chief of Police: ______________________

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