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Section: 1.418                                    

Effective Date: Nov. 15, 2010

Amended: July 11, 2016

1.418 Lockers

A. The agency has limited number of lockers and as such are available on a "first come, first served" basis. Of note, these lockers belong to the University and are supplied as a convenience for employees to store agency issued equipment and/or personal property.

B. The locker area is "unisex" and since females and males use the space, it is imperative, and before entering, all staff MUST knock and inquire as to whether another member is inside. If so and specifically if it is one of the opposite gender, the employee outside MUST wait until the person inside opens the door or acknowledges it is clear to enter.

C. Because lockers are limited, employees are to use one and only one locker which is their responsibility to secure.

D. Employees are responsible for keeping slip, trip, or fall hazards from the vicinity of their lockers and know that although the lockers are for their use, they belong to the University and the Chief, or specifically designated personnel, may access lockers in exigent circumstances. 

E. Lockers shall not be defaced in any way (i.e. stickers, decals, drawings, etc.).

F. Should it become necessary to enter a locker, and ensure locks need not be “cut off” the locker, it is recommended officers provide the Business Specialist a key or the combination to the lock in a sealed envelope.

1. These envelopes will be secured in a locked area and opened only when other means to gain access to locked lockers have failed.

Last Published 10/17/16