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Section: 1.434                     

Effective Date: Oct. 18, 2011

Amended: April 15, 2016

1.434 Promotion

USM policies recognize promotion processes as hiring processes to fill vacancies.  Therefore, USM and university policies relating to hiring processes provide external control and direction on promotional processes.

1.434.02 System Responsibility

A. Consistent with the Personnel Policies and Rules for Classified Employees and Human Resources for the University of Baltimore, the Chief and those designated by the Chief are responsible for developing, scheduling, and administering the promotional process.

B. Promotional positions vacancies will be filled by the Chief utilizing procedures contained in this directive.

C. The Chief can appoint the Captain as a promotional process coordinator.  The duties and responsibilities as coordinator can include, but are not limited to:

1. Managing all aspects of promotional processes;

2. Reporting project progress and outcomes directly to the Chief;

3. Preparing project work plans and schedules for approval by the Chief;

4. Evaluating and reviewing the development of the testing instruments;

5. Working with Human Resources to ensure all procedures used in the promotional process are job related and nondiscriminatory;

6. Making notification of testing procedures to include:

a. Eligibility requirements;

b. Areas to be evaluated in the testing process;

c. Scope of any written tests to be administered, including bibliographies;

d. Areas to be evaluated during assessment;

e. Dates, times, and locations of all phases of testing    processes; and

f. Application deadlines;

7. Verifying HR has notified participants of process results; and

8. Maintaining security of promotional materials and process confidentiality.

1.434.04 Promotional Process Announcements

A. All necessary forms are to be completed and forwarded to Human Resources for approval and posting of position vacancy announcements.

B. The Chief, or the identified Promotional process managers will ensure written or e-mail promotional process announcements are made on a timely basis:

1. Initially to all employees; and

2. Subsequently to all process participants at reasonable, prudent, or critical points in the process.

1.434.06 Lists of Eligible Candidates

A. Minimum eligibility requirements, including time-in-grade or time-in-rank and lateral entry eligibility requirements are promulgated by USM for use by Human Resources. Copies of minimum eligibility requirements will be maintained by the agency and made available, upon requests, to interested parties.

B. Persons interested in applying for promotional vacancies must apply on standard University of Baltimore application forms and submit them to Human Resources in order to be considered for promotional vacancies.

C. In processes where the promotion would be to a rank of an exempt employee, the employee must submit a resume to the promotional process project manager in lieu of submitting an application to Human Resources.

D. Applications will be received by Human Resources until final posted deadlines. Applications received after deadlines will be processed in accordance with directives established by Human Resources.

E. Basic promotional eligibility of candidates is determined by Human Resources. Lists of eligible candidates as determined by Human Resources screening processes will be forwarded to the appropriate administrator who will forward the lists to project managers.

F. Project managers will post lists of eligible candidates in conspicuous locations and/or on e-mail to ensure lists are accessible to all agency personnel.

G. If applicants believe they were inappropriately excluded from eligibility lists, applicants must notify Human Resources or the Project Manager for exempt promotional processes in writing within three working days of list postings to ascertain reasons for applicants’ names not appearing on lists. Applicants will forward copies to project managers.

1. Applicants may be placed on lists at the discretion of the Director of Human Resources in accordance with personnel rules and regulations.

2. Decisions from Human Resources will be requested on a timely basis to facilitate the promotion process.

H. Applicants who are not placed on the final list of eligible candidates cannot receive further consideration for promotion to positions in current processes.

1.434.08 Promotion System Components

A. Scoring results of each component will be made available to all candidates, via e-mail or printed copies, within five working days following completion of each component.

1.434.10 Written Examinations

A. Written examinations are composed of questions that must be job related and nondiscriminatory.

1. Test questions:

a. May be both closed and open book items:

b. Will be true/false, multiple choice, and/or matching: and

c. Will be retained by the agency after testing.

2. Source materials will be announced at least four weeks   prior to examinations.

B. Cut off scores will be announced prior to testing. Candidates must score above announced cut off levels in order to continue in processes.

1.434.12 Assessment Centers

A. Assessment centers are not used as part of the promotional process.

1.434.14 Records Reviews

A. The Chief or the identified project manager is responsible for ensuring records reviews are conducted by individuals who are not promotional candidates.

B. Components of the Records Review are:

1. Two most recent performance evaluations; and

2. Longevity points for each year of agency service.

1.434.16 Interviews

A. Interviews will be convened for the purpose of evaluating candidates for determining their suitability to assume responsibilities to higher ranks.

B. Components and dimensions of interview panels will be made available to candidates prior to their interviews. Interviews may involve other police agency and/or community members.

C. Interviews will be conducted prior to appointment to probationary status.

1.434.18 Promotional Training

A. The Chief, or designee, will ensure promotional training materials are distributed to candidates for promotion. These materials may contain, but are not limited to:

1. A description of all elements used in the promotional process;

2. List of applicable Directives, orders, SOP's and etc.

1.434.20 Ranked List of Candidates

A. The Chief or the identified project manager will compile ranked lists of qualified candidates based on performances during each process component.

B. Rankings will be determined compiling point totals.

C. Applicants will be listed in descending order from the highest rating to the lowest. When identical ratings are received, those candidates will be considered to have equal merit and fitness for promotion. If necessary, ties will be decided by the Chief after interviewing candidates whose scores were tied.

D. A ranking list of qualified candidates may remain in effect for a minimum of one year from the initial date of the promotional announce­ment posting. This list is subject to the approval of Human Resources.

1.434.22 Selection for Promotion

A. In order to make final promotional decisions, the Chief will use:

1. Final ranked order lists; and

2. Sustained complaints.

B. If the Chief chooses to deviate from the numerical ranking, the Chief must notify, in writing, candidates being passed over, the Director of Human Resources, and the Office of the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance of the objective-based reasons for deviations.

1.434.24 Probationary Periods

A. Newly promoted police officers will be subject to probationary periods of one year.

B. Newly promoted officers must successfully complete any training mandated by the MPCTC during probationary periods in order to be eligible to retain their new positions.

C. Probationary periods are considered integral parts of the promotional process that allow officers to be trained for their new positions, to be closely observed by their immediate       superior, and, if necessary, to be rejected should their performance fail to meet standards.

D. As early as possible during probationary periods, unsatisfactory performance will be brought to the attention of probationary employees through counseling, training, or other suitable actions to safeguard against the promotion of employees beyond their capabilities.

1.434.26 Appeals and Reviews

A. Candidates may review and appeal any adverse decisions concerning their eligibility for, or appointment to, promotional vacancies.

B. The Chief or a designated project manager will ensure review and appeal sessions are scheduled, announced to all candidates, and conducted.

1. Candidates will be given controlled time periods to review test and interview materials and answer keys and prepare written appeals.

2. Candidates must complete their own appeals. Collaboration between candidates during material review and appeal sessions will not be permitted.

3. Test and interview packets will be retained by the agency after review and appeal sessions.

4. Appeals must be based only on issues related to:

a.  Miscalculation;

b. Job relatedness; or

c. Discrimination.

5. Appeals must contain reasons, or issues, leading to appeals and requested resolutions.

6. Appeals will be considered by appeal panels comprising the Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, a Sergeant and at least one officer of equal rank appointed by the Chief.

a. Appeal panels will render decisions within five business days.

b. Successful appeals will be applied to all candidates whose initial answers coincide with appellant's answers.

c. Decisions of appeal panels are based on simple majority votes and will be binding.

C. Employees who wish to formally contest their evaluations must file appeals with immediate supervisors and must specifically state the grounds for the appeal.

D. Final standings or final promotion decisions may be appealed in writing or via e-mail only to the Chief. Appeals must be filed within five days following posting of final scores or    promotional announcements.

E. Officers failing to meet eligibility requirements or failing to be promoted may reapply, retest, and be re-evaluated during future promotional processes for which they are eligible.

1.434.28 Participant Integrity

A. Cheating, falsification of credentials, deliberate misrepresentation of credentials, or other breaches of conduct, ethics, etc. relating to promotional system integrity will minimally result in involved candidates receiving scores of "0" in promotional system compo­nents wherein breaches occurred.

B. All information provided by candidates in, or for, promotional process purposes is subject to investigation or verification.

Last Published 10/17/16