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Section: 2.448          

Effective Date: Sept. 15, 2010      

2.448 Property Care and Maintenance

A. Employees will not use agency equipment or property carelessly, negligently, or in any other way that results in damage to, or improper alteration of, equipment or property through other than normal wear and tear. Agency equipment or property includes:

1. All equipment issued to employees;

2. Agency vehicles, including equipment or property contained on or within vehicles;

3. Agency facilities, including equipment or property contained therein; and

4. All other equipment or property which comes into possession of agency employees as a result of duty related custodial arrangements.

B. Employees becoming aware of such loss, damage, misuse, etc. are to prepare an Administrative Report (95) and forward to their immediate supervisor/OIC before the end of the shift. 

1. Supervisors notified of agency equipment loss, damage, misuse, etc., will conduct a preliminary inquiry to determine if the loss or damage resulted from normal wear and tear or through negligence, maliciousness, misuse, etc.

a. Reports are required when preliminary inquiries determine equipment or property damage resulted from carelessness, negligence, misuse, or any other reason other than normal wear and tear.

b. Reports are not required for damage occurring from normal wear and tear.

2. The Chief will designate a supervisory or administrative ranked officer to serve in an ancillary capacity as coordinator for timely reviews of these incidents.

a. Incidents involving no apparent chargeable conduct will be closed.

b. Incidents involving apparent chargeable conduct will be referred to the Operations Captain for follow-up consistent with 2.900 Complaints and Discipline.

3. Employees may be ordered to reimburse the agency for property loss, damage, misuse, etc.

C. All agency property will be reasonably and prudently protected from damage and theft.

1. Agency property will not be left in any unattended state or personal vehicle for an extended length of time, especially overnight.

2. Employees will ensure that agency property is stored securely at all times.

Last Published 11/4/16