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Section: 1.433                                    

Effective Date: March 30, 2011

1.433 Master Police Officer (MPO)     

Reclassification potential for Master Police Officer is a career enhancement opportunity for in-house, sworn personnel who meet basic eligibility requirements.

1.433.02 System Responsibility

A. The Chief will, from current information accessible to all officers, prepare a promotional examination and post a study guide for interested officers.

B. A date and time will be selected and posted for interested officers to apply.

1.433.04 Lists of Eligible Candidates

A.  Officers interested in applying for reclassification to MPO must respond in writing or e-mail.

B.  A list of eligible officers will be posted and all notified of the date, time and location of the test.

1.433.06 Time-In-Service Requirements

C. Only Officers who meet the time-in-service requirement are eligible to participate in the reclassification processes.

1.433.08 Performance Evaluation Reviews

A. Candidates will have their performance evaluations reviewed to ensure candidates meet announced evaluation criteria.

B. Candidates who do not meet announced evaluation criteria will not be eligible to continue in the current process.

1.433.10 Written Examinations

A. Written examinations are composed of questions that are job related and nondiscriminatory.

1. Test questions:

a. Can be true/false, multiple choice, and/or matching; and

b. Are retained by the agency after testing.

2. Source materials will be announced at least six weeks prior to examinations.

1.433.12 Selection for Reclassification

A. All officers passing the test are appointed to Master Police Officer.

1.433.14 Appeals and Reviews

A. Candidates may review and appeal adverse decisions concerning their eligibility for, or appointment to, MPO.

B. The Chief will ensure test review and appeal sessions are scheduled, announced to all candidates, and conducted.

1. Candidates will be given controlled time periods to review questions and answer keys and prepare written appeals.

2. Candidates must complete their own appeals.Collaboration between candidates during test review and appeal sessions will not be allowed.

Last Published 10/17/16