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Section: 2.452                                    

Effective Date: May 24, 2011

2.452 Ride-A-Long Program

2.452.02 The Program

A. The agency’s Ride-A-Long program is an outreach and educational tool primarily for the use of:

  1. Faculty, staff and students of the University;
  2. Perspective UB students; and
  3. University police officer applicants.

2.452.04 Operations Captain

A. The Operations Captain is the agency’s Ride-A-Long program coordinator. Another supervisor can, at the discretion of the Chief, serve when needed as an acting Ride-A-Long program coordinator when the Captain is unavailable.

2452.06 Duties and Responsibilities

A. Duties and responsibilities of the Ride-A-Long program coordinator include, but are not limited to:

  1. Ensuring adequate supplies of Ride-A-Long release and indemnity forms are available;
  2. Ensuring Ride-A-Long applications and necessary background checks are processed expeditiously;
  3. Approving Ride-A-Long release and indemnity agreement form in keeping with the protocols established herein;
  4. Coordinating and scheduling approved Ride-A-Longs with shift supervisors and program applicants;
  5. Maintaining appropriate program records for one year; and
  6. Preparing and disseminating any required or requested analytical reports pertaining to the Ride-A-Long program.

2.452.08 Other Authorizations

A. Individuals not directly affiliated with the university may be authorized to participate in Ride-A-Longs if, as determined by the Ride-A-Long program coordinator or the Chief, such participation would reinforce the strengths and support the values of the agency.

B. High school students under the age of 18 requesting a Ride-A-Long must have the consent and release agreements signed by a parent or guardian.  Parents or guardians may be required to accompany juveniles.

C. Ride-A-Longs will not be assigned to a new hire officer during that officer’s indoctrination and training period.

D. No more than 50 percent of on-duty patrol cruisers may carry Ride-A-Longs at any time.

E. Individuals who consistently file complaints about the agency may be permitted to participate in Ride-A-Longs.

  1. Only the Chief may authorize complainants to participate in the Ride-A-Long program.
  2. Complainants will not be authorized to Ride-A-Long with officers about whom they have complained.
  3. Persons litigating or threatening to litigate against the agency or the university are not be authorized to Ride-A-Long.

2.452.10 Applicants

A. Applicants for Ride-A-Longs:

  1. Must complete Ride-A-Long release and indemnity forms, preferably at least five business days prior to their projected Ride-A-Longs;
  2. Must be dressed appropriately and present an appropriate demeanor;
  3. May be allowed to Ride-A-Long no more than four hours per semester unless otherwise authorized by the Chief or the Operations Captain;
  4. Must utilize safety belts and any other safety equipment while in agency vehicles;
  5. Must not interfere with or attempt to assist with officers handling situations or calls for service;
  6. May be ordered to remain in police vehicles or places of safety while officers are handling situations or calls for service;
  7. Will be assigned only to single officer cruisers or foot   patrol units; and
  8. May be summonsed to appear in court or administrative proceedings to testify on behalf of the State relating to incidents witnessed during their Ride-A-Longs.

2.452.12 Rejections

A. Ride-A-Longs will not be approved when:

  1. Applicants supply untruthful information;
  2. Applicants refuse to execute the Consent and Release Agreement;
  3. Applicants have adverse criminal records or driving records;
  4. Applicants do not present an appropriate dress or demeanor;
  5. Applicants are intoxicated, under the influence of alcohol, other substances, or have the odor of alcoholic beverages on or about their persons;
  6. Evidence is developed which indicate applicants may intend to disrupt, or interfere with, agency or university activities; or
  7. The presence of applicants would place applicants, officers, or citizens at unnecessary or unreasonable risk.
  8. Officers may request permission of a supervisor to discontinue or terminate the Ride-A-Long for cause when an applicant fails to meet the criteria established in this directive.
  9. Terminated Ride-A-Longs require an MI report to explain the facts and circumstances surrounding the reason/s for the termination of the Ride-A-Long.

2.452.14 Appeals

A. Applicants refused permission to participate in Ride-A-Longs may appeal the decision in writing to the Chief. 

B. Participants terminated in a Ride-A-Long may appeal the decision in writing to the Chief. 

C. The Chief retains final discretion for authorizing Ride-A-Longs.

The following is the Ride-A-Long release and indemnity form:




_______________________has requested to accompany a University of Baltimore Police/Security Officer and ride as a passenger in a University vehicle to study and observe him/her in the performance of their duties. 

In agreeing to accompany University of Baltimore Officer, _____________________________   understands it is at her/his own risk and recognizes the possible and inherent danger that could result. 

The University of Baltimore and the University's Police Department wish to assist those pursuing their education but do not wish to be liable for any damages arising from personal injuries and/or property damage sustained in allowing one to Ride-A-Long.

In consideration for granting permission to accompany University Officer/s, the undersigned agrees to:

  1. indemnify and hold harmless the University of Baltimore and the University of Baltimore Police Department for any acts or conduct of the undersigned of whatever kind or nature whatsoever, while in, on or about any such Departmental vehicle, or at any or all of the premises and places aforesaid, or while accompanying any University of Baltimore Police, Security Officer or any other employee.
  2. agrees to be left at a safe location and remain should the officer be called to an incident or a location which, in the officer's judgment, would be unsafe for the rider. In the event leaving the rider would be unrealistic, he/she will remain in the vehicle until the officer returns.
  3. agrees to maintain confidential any information observed or overheard during this ride a long.  This includes names, addresses, telephone numbers or particulars of any incident that could be embarrassing to the complainant, witness or victim.
  4. agrees to only quote those agreeing to be quoted. For permission, the question "May I quote you?" must be asked and permission granted without any pressure to agree to be quoted.
  5. agrees to remain within the public areas of any University or privately owned apartment building, residential hall or residence should an officer need to respond.

This Release and Indemnity Agreement is in full force and effect at any time after its execution.

____________________________                                     __________________________

(Signature)                                                                           (Date)


____________________________                                     __________________________

(Address)                                                                              (Telephone Number)


Witness:_____________________                                      __________________________

Last Published 11/1/16