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Section: 1.1005                                  

Effective Date: June 10, 2011

1.1005 Search Report

A. When conducting a consent search, a "Terry" stop or a search based on "probable cause" with no warrant, UB  Police Officers will use the agency's Search Reports to record all required information.

B. An example of a Search Report accompanies this directive.

C. Instructions in this directive section that correspond to numbered fields on the Search Report will be followed by officers completing Search Reports.

1. Mark that the search was of a Vehicle, Person, or Premises.

2. Enter the Central Complaint Number.

3. Mark that consent was requested, granted, refused, or not required because of existing probable cause.

4. Mark the type of search that was conducted -  by hand or K-9.

5. Enter the exact location where the search took place.

6. Enter the description of any vehicle involved.

7. Enter race and sex information for all persons involved.  Use the 1. blocks for the primary individual involved, i.e.  the driver, premises owner, etc.  Use the race codes of :

1 -African American, Black

2 -White, Caucasian, Asiatic Indian and Arab

3 -Asian, other Pacific Islander

4 -American Indian, Alaska Native

5 -Unknown/Other

8. Enter a brief description of the reason for the initial contact, i.e., traffic violation, suspicious person, suspicious vehicle, etc.

9. Enter brief, but specific reasons for requesting the search.  This section is not required if the information is included in a report.

10. Mark if a report was written.

11. Mark if property was recovered as result of the search.

12. Enter the tag number associated with any recovered property.

13. Enter the name and ID# of officer initiating the actions.

14. Enter the name and ID# of reviewing supervisor.

15. Enter the name of the person being searched or granting permission to have the vehicle or premises searched.

16. Signature of the person granting consent.

17. Witness signature. This will ordinarily be the signature of an officer involved in the incident.

18. Enter the date and time consent was granted.

1.1005.02 Report

A. The next sheet contains the report to be completed. This form is also saved under Departmental forms on the R-Drive.

Last Published 10/28/16