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Section: 2.444                                    

Effective Date: Dec. 14, 2010

Amended: April 26, 2016

2.444 Shift Briefings

A. Officers will report on time, in the uniform of the day and prepared to begin the shifts.

B. Shift supervisors are to:

  1. Ensure current information is listed on the duty roster before the shift begins.
  2. Conduct formal and informal inspections of their personnel and equipment to ensure their readiness and fitness for duty.

C. There is no formal pre-shift briefing. Supervisors become responsible for meeting with each officer during the shift to disseminate information which includes, but not limited to:

  1. Daily patrol activities/special assignments;
  2. Unusual situations;
  3. Potential or actual officer hazards;
  4. Changes in the status of wanted persons;
  5. Stolen vehicles;
  6. Major investigations;
  7. Look-outs;
  8. Reported incidents for at least the last 24 hours;
  9. Changes in schedules and assignments;
  10. New and/or modified directives;
  11. New and/or modified laws and regulations;
  12. Relevant community based initiatives; and
  13. Relevant training materials.

D. Officers should seek clarification on information received as appropriate.

Last Published 11/1/16