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Section: 1.456                                    

Effective Date: June 10, 2011

Amended: July 12, 2016

1.456 Staff and Line Inspections

1.456.02 Authority

A. For the purpose of inspections, as described in this directive, officers conducting inspections will be given access to all agency facilities, information, and records, except such deemed confidential by the Chief.

1. Questions relating to whether or not particular records or information will be opened to inspections will be referred to an appropriate commander or the Chief for resolution.

2. All agency employees will assist and cooperate with an inspection processes as requested.

B. Officers conducting inspections may issue orders during inspections in circumstances where failure to do so might immediately jeopardize the agency's reputation, the accomplishment of its mission, or the safety of personnel. In such instances, orders will be issued by the authority of the Chief.

C. The focus of the inspections function is on programs, procedures, and directives, NOT ON personnel. Inspections are primarily concerned with determining whether programs are being conducted efficiently and effectively or if procedures are being followed, not whether a particular person is or is not violating laws or directives.

D. Inspecting officers must maintain independent thinking; conduct objective based inspections, and will not overlook matters which may engender controversy. 

1.456.04 Staff Inspections

A. Staff inspections are performed in order to review the operations and administration of all organizational components at least every three years.

B. The conduct of staff inspections is guided by, but are not limited to:

1. Procedures to be used in conducting staff inspections;

2. Procedures for submitting written reports identifying deficiencies, making commendations for improvement and/or correction, and identifying positive aspects of areas being inspected; and

3. Procedures for follow-up inspections and written reports to address deficiencies that cannot be immediately corrected.

C. Special inspections review and evaluate administrative and/or operational matters specifically identified by the Chief of Police. Special inspections may be announced or unannounced.

D. Follow-up inspections are announced inspections which review and evaluate those items which were identified during previous inspections as requiring attention or corrective actions.

E. Spot inspections are unannounced inspections validating previously submitted inspection reports or closely examine performance standards.

1.456.06 Line Inspections

A. The agency's line inspection program is designed to:

1. Monitor and evaluate subordinates’ activities;

2. Ensure compliance with agency directives;

3. Provide the Chief with objective overviews of the state of the agency; and

4. Facilitate operational responses to changing needs of the agency and community.

B. The conduct of the agency’s line inspection program is guided, but are not limited to:

1. Procedures to be used in conducting line inspections;

2. Inspection frequency;

3. Supervisory responsibilities in each organizational component for conducting inspections and correcting conditions discovered by inspections;

4. Criteria identifying those inspections that require written reports; and

5. Follow-up procedures to ensure corrective actions are taken.

C. The Lieutenant is responsible for coordinating line inspections and ensuring inspection reports are completed and forwarded to his/her office.

1. Each Captain will review inspection reports with emphasis on:

a. Ensuring that deficiencies are properly addressed;

b. Ensuring that sufficient corrective actions are implemented; and

c. Identifying and correcting problems that may be relevant to more than one function or unit.

d. Forward all reports to the Operations Captain.

2. The Operations Captain may request, through the Chief, that special line inspections are conducted into specific functions or units.

D. Officers assigned to the inspection function will conduct periodic, unannounced spot inspections covering performance indicators. Spot inspection results will be submitted to Operations Captain with copies sent to appropriate shift supervisors.

1.456.08 Inspection Interviews

Employees wishing to be interviewed in conjunction with inspections may make their requests known through the chain of command or by contacting inspecting personnel directly. 

1.456.10 Maintenance of Files

A. Information gathered during inspections is confidential and inspecting officers will hold in strict confidence all information which may have any bearing whatsoever on the results of inspections.

B. Inspection report information will be released only on a need to know basis.

Last Published 10/18/16