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Section: 1.406

Effective Date: June 10, 2011

Amended: July 11, 2016

1.406 Strategic Management Program

1.406.02 Strategic Management Program

A. The agency's Strategic Management Plan (SMP) is a yearly program to affect the agency's plan of developing:

1. Long-term goals and operational objectives;

2. Anticipated workload and population trends;

3. Anticipated personnel levels;

4. Anticipated capital improvements and equipment needs; and

5. Provisions for review and revision as needed.

B. The UB Police Department’s plan is based on the University of Baltimore’s published long range goals and requires annual planning by the Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeants, and other staff (as deemed necessary by the Chief). 

C. The goal is to formulate and annually update written goals and objectives for the agency.

1.406.04 Planning Objectives

A. In keeping with the University of Baltimore's goals, the agency actively develops and utilizes goals and objectives as integral components of management functions.

B. Goals and objectives will be developed, and updated as necessary, for the agency and for all organizational components within the agency during the planning conference.

C. After goals and objectives are established and submitted through the Captain to the Chief, a single goals and objectives plan will be made available to all agency employees as well as appropriate members of the university administration and community.

1.406.06 Review of Activities                                                                                      

A. At a minimum, the Chief or his designee will conduct yearly reviews with personnel from organizational components for the purpose of evaluating progress toward established goals and objectives.

B. Shift Sergeants will ensure their respective shift's applicable goals and objectives progress is made available as source documents during yearly planning conferences.

C. The agency's final goals and objectives progress report will be prepared by the Office of the Chief and made available to all agency employees as well as appropriate members of the University administration and community.

1.406.08 Current Goals and Objectives

A. The University of Baltimore Police Department is a service oriented agency. The manner and delivery of services directly impacts the entire university community. The core values of the department ensure that these services are carried out within professional standards, and the best interests of the University of Baltimore. Goals are developed in keeping with the University Strategic Plan.

Last Published 10/17/16