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University of Baltimore Police Department

Please be advised that in addition to the university police, officers from the Baltimore Police Department and agents from Baltimore City Parking Control issue citations in and around our campus.


  • To protect pedestrian traffic
  • To assure access at all times for emergency apparatus or vehicles
  • To assure an orderly flow of vehicular traffic on campus streets
  • To comply with all state and local traffic laws

Both state and city laws and regulations govern the streets and parking lots of the campus. Driving on or parking on sidewalks, crosswalks, loading zones, curbs, courtyards, etc. is strictly prohibited. The University of Baltimore vigorously enforces regulations concerning handicapped parking. In addition to the court sanctions for violating parking regulations, other administrative sanctions may be imposed against violators. Please note that the enforcement of parking regulations is conducted in cooperation with the University Police Department as well as the Baltimore Police Department and the parking enforcement agents of the Department of Transportation for the City of Baltimore. UB officers also are authorized to write tickets for moving violations on or around the campus.

You can find out more about parking at UB here.


The following fines are applicable for parking violations at UB:

Abandoned Vehicle $102.00
Handicapped Parking $202.00
No Parking Area (Posted) $52.00
Failure to Display Permit (Authorized Visitors - See Reverse Side) $70.00
Parking in Reserved Area (Posted) $30.00
Improper Parking Area $30.00
Parking in More Than One Space $30.00
Improper Display of Permit $30.00
Fire Lane $50.00
Impeding Traffic $52.00
Altered Permit $70.00



While it is preferable to avoid a parking citation, paying a fine at UB is simple. The appeals process is similarly straightforward. To find out more about both, go here.

"Solving the Problems of Crime in Partnership with the Campus Community"

Last Published 9/19/16