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Promote your events effectively.

Evites: a how-to

Follow our step-by-step directions to sending your own evites, once we have approved a designed JPG.

The Office of University Relations can develop designed evites for you upon request.

Planning your evite

Keep in mind, however, your strategy for promoting your event with your particular audience. Here are some questions to consider when determining how you'll communicate your event:

  • Who is my audience? Is it primarily internal or external?
  • Do all of my audience members have email addresses on file? If not, will I need printed invitations as well?
  • How early and often do I want to communicate my event?
  • What is the call to action for this communication? Do I want my audience to R.S.V.P.? If so, do I have a plan for collecting responses? And what is my R.S.V.P. deadline?
  • Does the email address from which I'm sending the evite have access to send to my intended audience members/groups?

Is an evite right for me?

In addition to—or perhaps instead of—an evite, consider the following avenues of digital communication, which may be more effective:

  • the Daily Digest, to which all UB community members can post via the MyUB portal
  • the UB calendar, to which certain trained community members can post.

Note that broadcast email, as opposed to designed, strategic evites, is not an encouraged means of event promotion.

Sending your evite

  • You are responsible for sending your own evites and ensuring they are ADA compliant. Doing so is simple; just follow our step-by-step directions.
  • Make sure your evite includes a call to action with an appropriate hyperlink to a supporting Web page or RSVP function. You can use the UB calendar to collect RSVPs.
  • Ensure the email address from which you'll be sending your evite has access to send to your intended audience members/groups, and make sure you spell-check your evite prior to sending it.
Last Published 10/7/15