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Writing Tools

Writing well is an art; writing correctly is a science. Here's the formula.

By applying an accepted professional writing standard uniformly across campus, the University of Baltimore community can best represent the institution's high standards to the public. 

Your one-stop shop for creating content:

The official University of Baltimore Graphics Standards and Editorial Style Guide contains useful guidelines for everyday writing and printing needs. Refer to it whenever you write and design publications to develop content that is accurate and that conforms to University-wide style.

Where the UB style guide leaves off ...

  • UB follows the AP Stylebook for all official University publications. We encourage you to keep a copy in your office and to refer to it whenever you can't find the answers to your style questions in the University of Baltimore Graphics Standards and Editorial Style Guide.
  • UB also uses Merriam-Webster as our official dictionary reference to solve spelling conundrums.
  • For further assistance with UB's editorial style, contact Catherine Leidemer, 410.837.6164, or Giordana Segneri, 410.837.5773.

Want more? Check out these helpful resources for writing, editing and grammar: 

  • offers resources for editing professors, students and working professionals to help strengthen the craft of editing and support the work of editors
  • Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips: short, easy-to-swallow tips to improve your writing—fun and simple
  • Media Bistro: media news and everything from $$$$ to $ (as in $15) workshops, online and in person, on grammar, fact-checking, editing, etc.
  • Newsroom101: more than 2,000 free, self-instructional exercises in grammar, usage and Associated Press style
  • News University: a project of the Poynter Institute, providing training for professional writers
  • One Look: an unusual, flexible dictionary
  • Sin and Syntax blog: "an online salon for those who love wicked good prose"—need we say more?
  • SkillSoft: courses and SkillBriefs (one-pagers) on writing, grammar, editing and much more, free for UB employees
  • UB Achievement and Learning Center: offers workshops and learning support to the UB community.