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The purpose of this committee is to ensure communication between administrators responsible for the University's facilities and campus environment and the various constituents of the University.

The campus environment is defined as including the physical environment (building/grounds, neighborhood, security, ecological/sustainable) and the virtual environment (online learners, web-based environment). Responsibilities of the committee include collecting relevant information, fostering communication between interested groups and preparing recommendations for consideration by the governing bodies and administration. The committee is composed of representatives of each governance body. The Vice President for Facility Management and Capital Planning and the Chief Information Officer, or their designees, shall be ex officio members.


Joanne Colvin, faculty; 410.837.4373
Betsy Nix, faculty; 410.837.5296
Blair Blankinship, staff; 410.837.5714
Erica Carter, staff; 410.837.5024
Chris Hart, staff alternate; 410.837.5739
vacant, student
vacant, student
Neb Sertsu, ex officio member; 410.837.4666
Mason Paris, ex officio member; 410.837.5494

Last Published 3/30/17