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2017 Maryland Charity Campaign


Donate Online by visiting

The Maryland Charity Campaign (MCC) is an annual campaign which gives Maryland State Government employees the opportunity to donate directly to their favorite charities. This year's campaign is a perfect way to Pledge to Make a Difference to our neighbors across the State who are struggling.

Over 900 non-profit charities have qualified to participate in the campaign and each of these charities has mission critical needs.

UB’s goal is to raise a minimum of $37,300 with an institutional participation rate of 25%. You can search for your favorite charity and make your tax-deductible donation ONLINE by visiting Just click the red box that says PLEDGE NOW.

Did you know that donating $1 per pay period (or $26 a year) can provide:

  • 12 individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities with transportation
  • 1 hour of crisis counseling to a suicidal teen
  • Scholarship for 1 low-income child to participate in an outdoor education program

We all know there are many communities that have been impacted by the recent natural disasters. Please click here to view a list of charities participating in the 2017 MCC who are addressing the needs of these communities.

Charity Campaign Event

Additionally this year UB will be hosting a charity campaign event. We've invited local charities to come to UB to share their work with us. We will have laptops for employees to use to donate directly online. Pledge forms can also be returned at this event.

We will have prizes for people who attend. We will also award prizes for people who donate by December 15. The prizes will be announced soon.

Date: Wednesday, November 29
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Location: Business Center Atrium

Here's a list of participating local charities:



Last Published 11/17/17