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UB Green


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Contact us:
Jeff LaNoue
Project Planner
Office of Facilities Management and Capital Planning
Academic Center, Room 608

We're smart. That goes without saying. But we're also smart about how we grow.

We're urban.

The University of Baltimore is a leader in smart and green growth. UB is helping to renew a great city without sprawling into forests or fields. In fact, UB Midtown is a growing cluster of jobs, homes, shops and businesses with UB at its heart, and it's coupled with multiple transit modes, a rich architectural history and a generous amount of urban cool. Our close proximity of all of this activity ensures the speedy movement of ideas, collaborative efforts and capital within Baltimore's busy city center. We utilize existing space in a resourceful and environmentally friendly way.

We shrink while we grow.

Our University is growing, yet our carbon footprint is shrinking. Through the application of energy-efficient upgrades in campus buildings and our increased use of public transit and alternative transportation—including high levels of walkability—we are meshing a robust local economy with the University's mission of sustainability.

Our students are involved.

Almost every aspect of campus life provides opportunities to help build and be part of a more sustainable community. UB students are graduating with a new understanding of the issues and the kind of commitment it takes to ensure a positive future for our city, our state and beyond.