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Start strong. End stronger.

Work with one of our academic coaches on skills like time management, concentration and memory, goal setting and motivation, exam preparation and performance. Accomplish more in your classes and beyond.

Academic Coaching

Schedule an appointment for an individualized consultation to establish an academic success plan that's right for you, or schedule regular check-ins for tips, encouragement and feedback. Coaching helps you stay motivated, make the most of your study time, and stay on track to reach your goals.

During an academic coaching session you can focus on any of the following topics:

  • Goal-setting and values clarification
  • Motivation and habits
  • Time management and procrastination
  • Learning preferences
  • Reading comprehension and efficiency
  • Memory management
  • Listening and note-taking
  • Online learning
  • Working in groups
  • Public speaking
  • Test preparation and performance
  • Math avoidance
  • Performing under pressure (tests, class participation, etc.)

To book an appointment with one of our academic coaches, log on to our online appointment system today.

Online Resources

  • Goal Setting and Values Clarification

    UB Career Coaching
    A professional career counselor will assess your interests, skills, abilities, personality and values and interpret the results to help you set short- and long-term goals and create an achievement plan.

    Positive Psychology Center @ the University of Pennsylvania
    Engage in some self-exploration with a variety of free assessments, including the well-known Signature Strengths Questionnaire, a Work-Life Satisfaction Survey, the Meaning in Life Questionnaire and more.

    Personal Goals Setting
    This MindTools page provides links to goal-setting resources and describes the process of setting SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely) goals.

  • Motivation and Habits

    Locus of Control and Attribution Style Test
    Do you believe you can control your destiny? Discover more about your personal beliefs and recognize how these beliefs influence your motivation, self-esteem, goal orientation and your eventual behavior and performance.

    Establishing Good Study Habits
    A collection of tips from other college students

    Building Habits
    Tips on setting good academic habits as well as links to tips on other topics relating to success

  • Time Management and Procrastination 

    Assignment Calculator
    Plug in your assignment and due date, and the University of Minnesota’s Assignment Calculator will break down a seemingly overwhelming task into manageable steps.

    Time Management Workshop
    A useful online workshop from Louisiana State University accessible to you as a “guest”

    How to Stop Procrastinating: Seven Timeless Tips
    Henrik Edberg’s Positivity Blog offers insight into why we procrastinate and how to stop.

  • Learning Preferences

    Kolb Learning Styles
    Learn about Kolb’s complex model that addresses individual learning styles as well as how we all experience a cycle of learning.

  • Reading Comprehension and Efficiency

    Active Reading
    Become an active reader with tips that will keep you focused and engaged in your text.

    Critical Reading
    Questions to guide you in evaluating an argument’s purpose, evidence, balance, limitations and more

    Study Guides and Strategies
    Scroll this site for a collection of information on reading strategies to suit different reading situations.

  • Memory Management

    Memory Principles
    Understand the principles behind establishing long-lasting memories and learn strategies that correspond to each principle.

  • Listening and Note-Taking

    Note-Taking Systems

    Check out these five methods of note-taking and choose the style best suited to you and your subject.

    Top 5 Tips for Effective Note-Taking
    This blog offers suggestions for how to prepare for lectures, how to stay organized, how to choose what to write down and how to remember what you wrote.

    Note-Taking Skills: Symbols & Abbreviations
    Read about some general note-taking advice as well as suggestions to help you take notes faster by using abbreviations and symbols.

  • Online Learning 

    Study Skills

    Links to study skills designed for distance learners.

  • Learning in Groups

    Conflict Resolution Guide for Students

    Techniques to avoid conflict when working in groups as well as how to deal with it if it does arise.

  • Public Speaking 

    Toastmasters International

    Join Mount Royal Masters Toastmasters Club to practice your public speaking skills. Meeting times can be found on UB’s calendar or by visiting the organization’s website.

  • Test Preparation & Performance

    The Big Bad Wolf

    A multi-media presentation to help you understand the origins of anxiety, learn strategies to cope with anxiety, and develop goals for future test performance

  • Math Anxiety

    WY Math Project
    A thorough collection of resources to help you understand and overcome math anxiety, test anxiety, and general study anxiety

  • Stress Management

    UB Counseling Services
    Free counseling services for UB students, staff and faculty

    Burnout Self-Test
    Use this test from MindTools to check for signs of stress and then access links to help you “Avoid Burnout” and “Recover from Burnout.”


Last Published 10/2/15